Most of us probably think that beauty apps are a one-trick pony, that they exist to merely deliver their original function, i.e. to get you a service or tell you which color looks best or virtually apply makeup on a photo. But for the millions of users of the YouCam Makeup app, their preferences have been logged and analyzed and now, for the first time, revealed in Beauty Buzz, the first interactive big data makeup color ranking by Perfect Corp, the developers of YouCam Makeup, YouCam Perfect, YouCam Nails and Beauty Circle.

Perfect’s Beauty Buzz ranks the most popular makeup colors, which brands can use to track trends, and users can refer to try on their selfies in one click. The inaugural Beauty Buzz collected five million user trials of lipstick from the YouCam Makeup app during the month of December 2015.

Here, the top lipstick colors users were snapping during the holiday season:

Candy Apple: a classic bright red (407,522 try outs)

Cranberry: a vampy berry shade (376,774 try outs)

Burgundy: a broody wine color (261,421 try outs)

Hot Pink: a bright take on the soft color (242,935 try outs)

Fuchsia: a deeper take on bright pink (227,717 try outs)