March Product Watch: Brands Prepare for Season Change

As brands gear up for spring, lighter hydration formulas are hitting skin care, from Lancôme’s new-to-market skin essence to Alchimie Forever’s light clarifying cream – the brand’s first big launch since the cream debuted in summer 2019.

Travel Retail Takes Off

Travel retail is fast becoming one of the highest growth channels in beauty, with one billion global travelers passing through airports each year. Beauty Insider uncovers the trends driving this channel, and how the industry is engaging travelers with relevant new products, services and unique retail experiences, designed to convert them into loyal customers.

Beauty’s Iconic Brands Hold Their Own

As indie brands increasingly challenge the dominance of multinationals, several iconic brands are making sure that their hero products – those that are frequently synonymous with the brands themselves – are mightier and more relevant than ever.

Beauty’s Leading Loyalty Programs

A strong loyalty program can be a powerful tool to cement consumer engagement and repeat purchase. Here, some of the most popular loyalty programs by leading beauty brands.