By Amber Katz

Doctor-founded skin-care brand, Beekman 1802, is checking all the boxes to give consumers exactly what they want.

Addressing skin-care concerns like the buzzy microbiome? Check.

Leaping Bunny and Peta certified as cruelty-free? Check

Earth-friendly recyclable packaging? Check

Innovative in-store activations powered by artificial intelligence? Check.

Dermatologist-approved milk from humanely raised — and named! — goats with the freedom to run and play in upstate New York pastures and eat a hormone-and-antibiotic-free diet? Check. Check. Check. Check. And check.

In this interview with Cheddar News, Dr. Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell, co-founders of Beekman 1802, explain all the good stuff that goat milk gives your skin, and how their products and zeitgeisty approach to skin care made them one of CEW’s annual Beauty Creators Awards finalists for Cleanser & Scrub.

The story goes that the couple (turned beauty-brand founders) was driving upstate from their NYC home when they fell in love with a 19th-century farm, bought it, and moved in. A neighbor dropped off a letter explaining that he was losing his farm and needed a home for himself and his family of 80 goats. Brent and Josh welcomed them in, and this act of kindness kicked off their company — and, in 2008, the duo began making soap and beauty products using goat milk as a key ingredient.

Goat milk has been used topically for thousands of years because, we now know thanks to modern science, that it has the same pH as human skin. Dermatologists love it because of its powerful pre- and probiotics, moisturizers, gentle ability to exfoliate, calming effects against skin eruptions and sensitivities, and for the way it keeps your skin’s protective barrier in top shape. (Just like those happy, health-conscious goats living their fabulously tranquil lives in the countryside.)

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