The CEW ViralMoment February 2024 has dropped, bringing members an exclusive report on last month’s trending looks and products, in partnership with tele-tracking expert Chelsie Hall. Check out the five beauty trends leading the way, including the #glassskin look that’s nearly impossible to achieve, #MascaraMoment, which has beauty aficionados reaching for colored mascaras, and the #DoubleGlossMethod, which touts an extra-shiny pout.

In executive news, as Artemis Patrick prepares to become Sephora’s first female CEO on April 1, as well as its North America president, she talks to WWD about the retailer’s plans to makeover its stores over the next five years. “This is a massive investment,” she said. “In some cases it’s essentially building a new store, but we strongly believe that whether you’re in Manhattan or Omaha, NE, you should have the same experience.”

Hot on the kitten heels of Celine’s Haute Parfumerie comeback, the Celine Beauté collection created by Hedi Slimane will launch this fall. A Rouge Triumph lipstick, available in 15 satin-finish shades, will lead the way with a full cosmetics range to follow, which will be updated seasonally. In hair care, meanwhile, Swedish influencer/fashion designer/content creator Matilda Djerf is launching her Djerf Avenue Beauty line. The first two products, On The Go Styling Gel and Breezy Styling Mist, will be available to buy online March 27.

British makeup artist and content creator Aarti Pal has launched the South Asian Beauty Collective (SABC), which aims to “embrace the rich tapestry of South Asian beauty and reshape beauty standards to be more inclusive.” A group of Beauty Ambassadors will be announced soon, who will represent the new platform. “This is more than beauty; it’s a celebration of diverse needs, a learning journey to discover and embrace the rich tapestry of South Asian beauty,” Pal wrote on Instagram of the collective. “Empowering women has always been my deepest passion.”

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The February 2024 CEW X ViralMoment Is Here. Discover the top five beauty trends from last month on TikTok, as revealed by CEW in partnership with tele-tracking expert Chelsie Hall. (CEW)

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The South Asian Beauty Collective Launches. Founded by British makeup artist and content creator Aarti Pal, the new collective aims to embark on “a learning journey to discover and embrace the rich tapestry of South Asian beauty.” (SABC)

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