WSL/Strategic Retail’s How America Shops MegaTrends report, Moving On 2012, found that Hispanic women represent the most passionate and proactive shopper segment, searching for the best deals across all retail channels. The report also noted that Hispanic women are more actively using mobile devices, coupons, online searches, dollar stores and deep discount retailers to save money, as compared to other female demographics. These findings gain significance when compared to the shopping behaviors of other ethnic demographics, as Hispanic women consistently rank higher than both Caucasian and African American women, by about 10 percentage points. Here’s what else the report found:

• Nearly 60% of Hispanic women use apps to search for the lowest price.

• 53% make it a point to search online before going shopping.

• 53%
are using their mobile devices in the store to find electronic coupons, sales and discount codes.

• 75% are using traditional coupons to get the lowest sale price.

• 54% only buy items that are on sale.

• 63% will travel further to shop at a store where they can save money.

• 43% will buy a pre-owned product if it lets them get a brand that they couldn’t afford new.

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