Clarisonic, the leader in the device category, has redesigned its best-selling hand-held skin care devices to be even more ergnomic, tech savvy and effective. Efforts have expanded the brand’s portfolio from cleansing into other skin care needs.

“Once we patented our first range we knew the frequencies could do other things, and the L’Oréal Science Institute since 2011 has been studying them and they’ve come up with several different ways of improving on the technology, and even cleansing,” said Dr. Robb Akridge, Co-Founder, Clarisonic, who now serves as a consultant and spokesperson for the brand.

Beginning this month, retailers including Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Amazon and will receive the new Mia Smart and Mia Prima, the two devices that now bare the Clarisonic brand. Mia Prima, the most basic version, is targeted to those who simply want a tech savvy skin cleanser at a lower price point ($99). Mia Prima’s new design offers a one-button control and a 60-second cleanse mode for all skin types. The new look features a waterproof universal handle for all hand sizes. There’s also a Soft Start feature, which starts cleansing at 80% power on first use; power climbs to 100% after two weeks of use. New brush heads feature a time strip indicator so users know when to replace heads, as well as rounded filaments for maximum gentleness and soft elastomers to remove impurities.

The new Mia Smart, which retails for $199, doesn’t just cleanse, but also addresses anti-aging and makeup application with several new applicators. There’s the Sonic Awakening Eye Massager, which looks to boost micro-circulation and improve smoothness around and under the eye. It’s comprised of two rounded aluminum tips; the head can be stored in the refrigerator so that the tips become cool, enhancing their effect on skin.

“The eye area is one where I already see patients in their Twenties worried about crow’s feet. It’s a really sensitive area and it’s the thinnest area of skin on the body,” said Dr. Doris Day, a Manhattan dermatologist and consultant for the brand. The new Awakening Eye Massager looks to help with “lymphatic drainage, circulation, strengthening the skin and keeping the area as healthy as possible. And, keeping hands off of it.”

Then there’s a Firming Massage Head, which looks to firm skin with gentle massage. And, there’s a Sonic Foundation Brush, which rhythmically applies foundation and contours highlighter on the face. The device itself features two newly-designed, customizable cleansing programs – a Daily Cleanse Mode and a Gentle Cleanse Mode – as well as a versatile Smart Mode, which connects the device to a new mobile app via Bluetooth to allow for a truly personalized experience. Different settings have been created for the device’s various uses: cleansing, firming, makeup application and eye massage. The device isn’t called Smart for nothing: it’s able to detect the type of brush head that’s attached and automatically adjust the frequency accordingly.

“The app has many different capabilities,” said Cynthia Chahine, Director of Influencer Marketing. “When users get the Mia Smart they are immediately encouraged to download the app. They then take a very short skin care test, which allows users to customize their routine. (Each head and applicator has pretimed routines.) When the user synchs the device with the app based her the answers, the device automatically updates the time for each routine to match each user’s needs.”