Wearable wellness brand The Good Patch today announced a collaboration with the nonprofit The Art of Elysium, an artist organization that serves communities in need.

“The Art of Elysium’s mission to heal through the power of art really speaks to us here at The Good Patch,” said CEO Cedar Carter. “As a brand, our core belief is ‘when you feel good, life is more beautiful’ so there are some real synergies. We are humbled to be able to support such a meaningful organization, as well as one of their volunteer artists, Tasya van Ree. The designs Tasya created for this unique collaboration remind us to appreciate the beauty each day has to offer.”

The limited-edition packaging of the brand’s best-selling B12 Awake Patch will feature a sun motif. Inside, sun-inspired designs also cover the four patches. “The SUN represents everything significant,” said van Ree of her inspiration. It nurtures the body with the energetic flow of life force bringing light and importance to one’s daily life.”

Transdermal wellness patches like those from Subtle Energies, Aevum, Kloris, Vitamin Injections London, and The Patch Brand have become increasingly popular in recent years. In August Meghan Markle was spotted with a Nucalm Biosignal Processing Disc on the inside of her wrist. And the former duchess isn’t the only one grabbing a patch to shore up her self care routine: The global market for transdermal is estimated to increase from $6.7 billion in 2022 to reach $8.8 billion by 2027, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.6% from 2022 through 2027, according to BCC research.

Infused with caffeine and green tea in addition to B12, the Awake patch is just one of the 16 patches made by The Good Patch. Their plant-powered lineup also includes active, be calm, nite nite, rescue, think, relief, relax, hemp queen, dream, desire, period, revie, cycle, hot flash, and night owl.

“At The Art of Elysium, our mission is to empower artists and communities of need to emotionally triumph over their circumstances through art,” said The Art of Elysium Founder Jennifer Howell. “The mission of The Good Patch is aligned in that they are also all about helping people feel good, one patch at a time. We are honored to have one of our artists, Tasya van Ree, design this limited-edition patch to unite both of our visions of improving the overall wellness and well-being of individuals in our community,”

The collection will be available at TheGoodPatch.com beginning September 12, and on Amazon later this Fall. There will also be a limited-edition bonus pack exclusively for Target, which will be available on shelves mid-September.