Irene Reiss
Irene Reiss

Irene Reiss took her background in finance and investments—she worked on Wall Street for major investment and advisory firms—to the beauty industry in 2014 when her son, Ari Marom, started NY Laser Outlet. Based in Midtown Manhattan, NY Laser Outlet is unique in that it buys, sells, rents and repairs laser machines to luxury spas, medi-spas and physicians, while also serving as a training, financial and marketing hub to professionals in the aesthetic business. The company was founded to give spa owners and medical practices unbiased and objective guidance when purchasing laser equipment, which at the time didn’t exist since most lasers are purchased directly from the manufacturer. Business owners and aestheticians visit NY Laser Outlet from all over the world to learn about and demo various devices, and also to save money on equipment. Here, Irene talks about the value in strategic alliances with partners, the latest laser trends and the power of social media.

Beauty News: What is the company’s mission?

Irene Reiss: Our mission is to help clients grow their aesthetic practice by providing them with the highest quality of equipment and services at affordable prices. We employ a consultative approach and work together with each client, listening to their needs, educating them on the marketplace and following up to make sure valued clients are successful. The foundation of our company is a culture of integrity, transparency and a steadfast commitment to exceptional client services. Our clients value their relationship with us and appreciate the honesty and objectivity that is provided to them.

BN: What has your expertise lent to the company’s overall strategy?

IR: I believe I set the tone for providing an exceptional customer experience and satisfaction to our clients. I work closely with the sales team and focus on targeted marketing and in forming strategic alliances with select manufacturers and partners who can help us deliver top quality results for our clients.

BN: What has been one of the company’s biggest challenges, and how are you tackling it?

IR: We have grown significantly since we started NY Laser Outlet. We realize that it’s critical to have the proper infrastructure in place to assure controlled growth and provide the highest level of customer service. The challenge has been to find the right vendors and partners to help maintain efficient processes to assure we meet demand and deliver the highest level of service. We continuously review logistics, software and shipping companies to help us meet our goals.

BN: What are some of the most popular laser technologies currently being used, and what’s on deck for 2020 and beyond?

IR: There is always demand for IPL and laser skin treatments for pigmentation, rejuvenation, spider veins, hair removal, wrinkle reduction and acne. The latest trends include body contouring, skin tightening, hair restoration and PRP treatments, using plasma rich platelets from one’s own blood. People continue to look for more non-invasive techniques to improve the quality, texture and condition of the skin. In addition, we see that a combination of treatments can accelerate improvement of skin conditions.  In the future, we expect to see more focus on hair restoration (a $50 billion-plus market size), and treatments which can be done quickly with no downtime. The concept of ‘lunchtime laser facials’ is growing in popularity.

BN: What are the company’s three-year goals?

IR: To continue to add select new devices and products to our menu of services and to expand our operations to new locations through strategic alliances with other related companies in the business. We would like to have a showroom in three additional major cities in the next three years.

BN: If you could give one piece of advice to a new business owner, what would it be?

IR: Find top quality products and partners with whom to work and focus on delivering consistent and exceptional customer service. Engage in strategic marketing and use social media for education and brand awareness. One piece of advice: master social media.