Clarisonic’s smartest device does most of the thinking–so you don’t have to.

The new Smart Profile incorporates technology that adjusts timing and power to accommodate different skin needs, and also tracks minutes of use in order to alert the user when the brush head has reached its recommended limit. The Smart Profile launched in May and is currently sold exclusively through skincare professionals for $265.

According to Dr. Robb Akridge, Co-Founder and Global General Manager of Clarisonic, the Smart Profile removes makeup 11 times better than cleansing with hands alone, making it the most powerful sonic cleansing device in the Clarisonic portfolio. It also addresses skin damage caused by pollution. A study by NASA on the affect of pollution reported that air pollution is 20 times smaller than pores, and gets stuck in skin. Clarisonic, said Dr. Robb, has proven that their skin cleansing devices can remove this particle pollution 30 times better than manual cleansing.

This type of technology has helped Clarisonic grow its distribution around the world since its initial U.S. launch in 2004. Currently Clarisonic items are sold in 43 countries—most recently it entered Thailand—many of which Dr. Robb has visited to introduce the brand for L’Oréal, the owner of Clarisonic. New markets bring new experiences, and sometimes jitters, as it’s never a guarantee a new market will “get” the cleansing device. On a recent press trip to Taiwan, Dr. Robb’s doubts were calmed when he witnessed editors and bloggers buzzing their positive reactions to Clarisonic after seeing its effectiveness.

“We put makeup on the editors’ hands and faces and then gave them a Clarisonic to take it off. They saw how it worked and began blogging and buzzing on the spot. The country manager of the brand and I realized the launch was going to be well received.”

In the U.S., where Clarisonic is sold in derm offices as well as in department stores, distribution has reached a point that it now requires a dedicated sales team and counters in stores, as opposed to just towers of products, said Dr. Robb. Macy’s Union Square in San Francisco and Macy’s Herald Square in New York are the first to be launching these programs; other retailers are planning to do the same in the back half of 2014.