Last week Givaudan celebrated the launch of its new pop-up in Manhattan’s West Village called My Bloom. The fragrance house invited beauty writers, editors and influencers to tour the exhibition and learn more about the store’s customized fragrance experience that aims to “reflects consumers’ desire for fragrances that do not mask who they are, but rather express their real, authentic selves.” At the end of the experience, consumers are able to purchase the scents, in the form of candles to body lotions.

The experience is segmented into different exhibits where one can see, hear, feel and smell how Givaudan’s perfumers have translated olfactory masterpieces into a new sort of communication where consumers can interact with scent in a new way.

The first part of the experience is called Rebirth & Untethered. Here, olfactive portals offer a glimpse of perfumers’ work where scents include Musk Revival by Olivier Gillotin, Silver Sky by Adriana Medina, Dust to Dust by Stephen Nilsen and Vetiver Milk by Amelie Jacquin.

Next is the Self Love & Awareness room, which represents self-love (of course), kindness, and mindfulness. Here consumers can read a perfumers’ affirmations on a wall, expressing verbally what self-love means to them. In the center of the space is a sculpture where four fragrances are suspended from above. They are Epiphany by Caroline Sabas, Respire by Natalie Gracia-Cetto, Love Entwined by Nicole Mancini, and She Blooms by John Gamba.

Next is the Glowing Aura space, featuring a neon sun in the center and is the best place for selfie moments. There are three fragrances on pedestals within the section: Glowing From Within by Guillaume Flavigny, Inner Shadow by John Gamba, and Stardust by Nisrine Grille.

The All About Skin room features a video of lovers on a beach directed by the Givaudan creative team and is all about being comfortable in your own skin. The concept is exploring all of skin’s beautiful qualities — clean skin, perspiring skin, animalistic skin, floral skin and skin that smells of sex. The scents include Bare by Jacques Huclier, Nuque by Rodrigo Flores-Roux, and Sex Always by Caroline Sabas.

The final room is called Silhouettes & Voids, which represents “the welcoming of the unknown and a fearless look into the infinite future,” per Givaudan. Here, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) voices whisper as a guest smells scents nestled in dark orbs. They include Lucidessence by Nicole Mancini, Extimacy by Linda Song, and Fougère Silencieuse by Antoine Maisondieu.