On the last night of fashion week, September 15, industry influencers and media mavens appeared at the Skylight Modern in Chelsea for the launch of Hermès’ anticipated new fragrance, Galop d’Hermès. Agnes de Villers, General Manager of Hermès Parfums, took center stage to explain how the new scent is the first major feminine fragrance created by the brand’s in-house perfumer, Christine Nagel, and how the bottle takes the shape of a stirrup, a symbol and timeless object, which exposes movement and balance.

Hermès began in 1837 as a manufacturer of accessories for carriages. It’s first client was a horse.

The Galop d’Hermès’ bottle pays homage to the original created more than 80 years ago, the House’s first foray into perfume.

“This fragrance is a manifesto of the femininity of Hermès. It is a femininity that I have always perceived as very daring and free,” said Christine. “Galop is born out of a foundational moment and its history starts in the leather vaults of the house.”

Christine went on to describe a specific type of leather, Doblis, which is very soft to the touch, like the skin of a woman.

“The leather is feminine, but it needed a rider, and that rider is a rose,” she added.“The leather carries the rose, and the rose gives life to the leather. This perfume is for a woman who is independent, intrepid, and untamed.”

The fragrance, which filled the event space via Galop-scented confetti, is available at Hermès stores nationwide, and retails for $210.