HiMirror, the world’s first smart mirror, is slated to launch a new mini-touch version this July.

The newest rendition, which is still in beta, was presented to editors this week during intimate tutorials that demonstrate how to operate the artificial intelligence-backed mirror. Capabilities include in-depth, personalized skin care analysis to track the evolving condition of skin, including wrinkles, fine lines, complexion, dark circles, dark spots, red spots and pores. A Skin Analysis Engine integrated into the mirror is designed to track skin daily and set skin care goals. Through the mirror’s SkinSAFE database, a skin care-centric platform that provides in-depth brand and product information, HiMirror Mini can provide users with a comprehensive outline of product ingredients and allergens upon scanning a barcode of any beauty or personal care product.

Features also include touchscreen capability; adjustable warmth and brightness of LED lights to help apply makeup for any atmosphere; a camera cover; Amazon Alexa-enabled skills for those with a Prime Accounts, and the ability to detect weather conditions to help prepare for a look.

To stay connected, HiMirror allows users to stream music and videos, watch YouTube videos and log into Instagram and Facebook, all in one swipe.

For fitness lovers, HiMirror works in conjunction with a Smart Body Scale to provide an accurate measurement of a person’s body index, providing a fitness component and 360-degree personal analysis. It also offers HiSkin, a hand-held device that measures skin’s hydration and pigmentation.

HiMirror also offers the ability to connect directly to the HiMirror app. HiMirror will be sold on Amazon and the brand’s site for $119. The Smart Body Scale will retail for $99. The HiSkin will sell for $49.