This week, IT Cosmetics threw a massive fête to kick off their partnership with Ulta Beauty. They clinked glasses to the debut of their new Beauty Problem Solution Destination wall, and the extensive launch of 52 products – ambitious for a company that only releases two or three new items a year.

Celebrating is nothing new to co-founder and CEO, Jamie Kern Lima, who started the brand in her living room in 2008, and who is still celebrating being acquired by L’Oreal last year for $1.2 billion.

Bloggers, editors, and almost any media-related person in between, attended the event, playing throughout the company’s 30,000-square-feet of Instagram-able, beauty-like, amusement park experience, which included a water wall that stopped raining when one stepped onto a certain spot, a massive mascara slide, foundation swings, a laser machine to zap out acne, and more. Each of the 10-plus rooms were designed around a new beauty product, among them Confidence in a Cleanser; Confidence in Your Glow, a blush, bronzer and highlighter; Perfect Lighting, a radiant touch magic wand; Bye Bye Breakout Powder; Full-Coverage Treatment Concealer; Bye Bye Lines Foundation; and Superhero Liner.

“The idea was, ‘How do we change how you develop products?’ I think a lot of times, traditionally, beauty companies will launch a product, they know about it years out, usually a celebrity is attached as a spokesperson, and they tell customers what they should buy,” she Jamie said. “We reversed it. We’ve been gathering all the things our customers have asked us to create and solved all the problems they’ve wanted us to, and now we’re releasing what we’ve been working on over the past few years.

The 12-foot beauty wall is easy to navigate and will go into 300 Ulta Beauty stores to start. The wall is divided into 12 sections; each addresses a problem, such as anti-aging, dark spots, dull skin, and redness.

“We partnered with Ulta Beauty on the idea and space of this destination that does the work for the customer,” Jamie added. “Tonight is about having an artistic and immersive experience. We wanted to show these products in a new and experiential environment.”

IT Cosmetics, which stands for Innovative Technologies, was developed with leading plastic surgeons to provide women with innovative, problem-solving skin care and makeup products with clinicals to back what they boast.

In August 2016, stated, “For the 12 months ending June 2016, IT Cosmetics had net sales of 182 million US dollars, up by 56%.”

It also seems worth celebrating that when Jamie quit her job as a broadcast journalist and focused full time on creating IT Cosmetics, her team was small – consisting of two other people in addition to herself.

“Three or four years ago we only had 20 people working with us,” she said. “Today, we have 200 in corporate and 500 in sales. This is a milestone for us.I’m definitely having a woman’s entrepreneurial moment tonight.”