Kimberly Kress, Revlon’s Global Vice President of Public Relations and Talent Management, joined Revlon in late 2010. Prior to Revlon Kimberly spent nine years at the independent publicity firm Rubenstein Communications, where she worked primarily on entertainment and cultural projects, including the Tribeca Film Festival, BMW’s Art Car Program and Madonna’s children’s books.

Nonetheless, she’s found Revlon to be a great professional fit.

“At the end of the day, PR, at its core, is the connection between a brand and the news media,” she said. “If you understand how a brand works and how the media works, those same skills are translatable, whether you’re talking to a beauty editor or a film critic at Variety.”

Named as an emerging leader by her boss Julia Goldin, Beauty Insider asked Kimberly to list three pieces of advice for future leaders.

1. Find a mentor and be a mentor. I’ve been lucky to have had two really amazing mentors who both supported and challenged me. I also find mentorship to be equally rewarding; it helps build leadership, professional gravitas and it feels good to give back!

2. Be calm on the outside, even if things are the opposite on the inside. It’s important to maintain your cool in stressful situations and to be as calm and measured in your thinking as possible. You can and should be passionate, but don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

3. Love what you do, or find something else to do. I firmly believe that to be truly great at something, you have to love it, or at least love some part of it.