London-based makeup artist Petra Strand is keeping her Pixi makeup brand relevant in a sea of competitors: recently, she changed the name of the brand from Pixi Beauty to Pixi by Petra, and has repackaged 300 sku’s to enforce the brand name and improve in-store shoppability. The time was right, she said, to reinforce her role in Pixi’s formulations—and ultimate success.

“We just felt it was important to make it clear that I am behind this brand, and to emphasize that in a very simple way. It’s not so much a re-brand but a clarification on what we are,” Petra said.

In 1999, Petra opened a London-based store called Pixi. From there, the popularity of the brand led to distributing it to other outlets. The Pixi by Petra brand is now available in about 1,600 U.S. Target stores, and also in 125 Canadian Target stores.

Petra stated, “Target is the best retailer we have ever worked with. They give me 100% creative control.”

The brand has also partnered with Ipsy and Birchbox, moves that brought much attention to the brand through positive online reviews generated by the sampling retailers’ consumers.

Pixi by Petra aims to be accessible to real women, no matter their age or skin tone.

“We have prestige formulas and packaging without prestige pricing,” she said.

On the horizon is continued U.S. and international growth. In 2013, the brand launched with online Swedish retailer, Eleven. In addition, the company is exploring opening freestanding stores in the U.S. in the next couple years.

“It is important to us to open freestanding stores in the U.S., like in L.A., to reinforce my philosophy on beauty which is providing women with time-saving and effective makeup solutions,” Petra said.

Like most beauty brands, Pixi by Petra is seeing the value in online videos that target consumers. Recently the brand produced a series seven- and 15-second videos, called Pixi Fixis, which appear on their site. These demonstrate solutions to some of the most common beauty concerns and help women enhance their natural beauty by providing flaw-fixing techniques. In one video, Petra describes how to use Flawless Beauty Primer to get a fresh, glowing and hydrated look; in another she instructs how to best use Correction Concentrate, a color corrector, under the eyes to hide dark circles.

According to Petra, “not everyone knows that there are simple solutions to common beauty concerns. That’s what Pixi Fixis address.”

YouTube videos are generally much longer in three-minute or 15-minute time blocks – the Pixi Fixi videos are much quicker, more straight-forward and easier to understand.

Another best kept secret and flawless skin solution is Glow Tonic. One of Pixi’s best sellers, it is an exfoliating toner with ginseng that removes dead skin cells, leaving skin refreshed and glowing. It launched 15 years ago and was recently brought to the forefront by the online blogger community.

“Thanks to the bloggers’ love for the product and all of the press we’ve gotten, it’s become a must-have for any woman’s beauty routine.”