On Wednesday morning Macy’s Herald Square presented its second experiential concept, Outdoor Story, which is now up and running at 36 Macy’s stores nationwide. The Outdoor theme, which runs until September, offers customers an outdoor-inspired playground from more than 70 brands with a focus on entertaining and recreational activities.

Collaborations with Dick’s Sporting Goods and Miracle-Gro look to bring the outdoors to life through innovative design features, including indoor gardens and curated products. Initially, the idea of partnering with the nation’s largest sporting goods store caused Jeff Gennette, CEO and Chairman of Macy’s, to pause.

“When Rachel Shechtman, the founder of Story, came to me with the concept I paused, because I wouldn’t have thought about partnering with another retailer to sell outdoor products at Macy’s.  However, as she presented her ideas and the merchandise her team was envisioning, it made a lot of sense. I reached out to Ed Stack, Chairman & CEO of Dick’s, knowing that this would be a first for them as well – to share their exclusive private brand assortment in another major retailer – but he also saw the creative vision and we had the deal done and partnership launched in less than two months,” Jeff said at the event.

To really drive the outdoor theme, all 36 Story at Macy’s locations feature Miracle-Gro Twelve Indoor Growing System, a hydroponic unit that grows a wide variety of foods items indoors, including lettuce, kale, basil and mint.

David Stark Design brought Rachel’s vision to life through lush greenery, playful landscapes and endless Instagram friendly moments, including kidpreneur Mikaila Ulmer’s Me & the Bees lemonade stand, featured at Herald Square. Current by GE features Tetra contour lighting to highlight ‘greenhouses’ on the main floor of Herald Square, guiding customers through a fauna circus on the mezzanine.

A smattering of beauty can also be found throughout the latest Story installment, including products by bareMinerals, Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Coola, Origins and Lapcos.