Apparently, the booming blow-out service industry has omitted a huge client base: multicultural women.

“Many stylists have never worked with African American hair,” said Debra Shigley, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Colour, a hair styling app aimed at providing on-demand at-home services for women with textured hair. “We see the industry moving and becoming more multicultural, and that’s an opportunity. It is crazy to me that we have this idea of ‘normal hair’ when 43 percent of women have ethnic, curly hair.”

Colour, which launched in May in the Atlanta area, offers women the chance to book an at-home appointment within 24 hours, and a stylist specifically trained in caring for textured hair. The one-on-one styling experience usually takes about an hour, and can include everything from hair molding to extensions to braids.

“From a consumer stand point, I can relate to the fact that a Jewish woman with thick, curly hair doesn’t have the greatest luck at blow dry bars or with stylists,” said Debra, who is half Jewish and half African American, and whose resume includes being a beauty editor at Atlanta Magazine, a freelancer at Allure and a T.V. lifestyle expert for CNN, The Today Show, ABC News and The View.

Debra recalled that one of her worst hair experiences took place in a Caucasian-run salon, and that to undo the damage she needed the expertise offered at an African American-focused hair studio.

Debra, who brought on fellow Harvard graduate, Stephanie Belcher, (who has an MBA from the school), to partner with her on Colour, said she had her “aha moment” for the app after witnessing the launch of Drybar, and the ease of styling it offered most women. But she realized the African American community needed a similar model.

“Our vision initially was to create a Drybar for women of color. What we are seeing now is that our members love variety and convenience. So, an app was an amazing starting point.”

Ranging from $64 for a blowout to $85 for a custom updo, clients can choose from a look book of styles, as well as a secret menu of customer-created styles. For now, all products in stylists’ arsenals are a mix of brands, as Colour is “brand agnostic,” but Debra said there’s opportunity for partnerships.

Debra, who has so far self-funded her venture, said customer reaction has exceeded expectations and that since launch, Colour has quadrupled the number of stylists it works with. She also reported that for single bookings, 50 percent of clients rebook within 90 days, and that on average members make three appointments a month.

“We are just getting started,” said Debra. “The app will launch on android later next year. Now we’re focused on building the perfect at-home styling experience for our customers, and then we plan to scale.”