The secret to instant radiant skin might be within the confines of a small sachet, at least that’s what Dermarché Lab, a newly formed product development company, is aiming for. Focused on delivering high-performance, non-prescription technologies directly to consumers, the company is breaking into the skincare market with a powerful new mask, Roloxin Lift: Instant Skincare, which is formulated to reduce the appearance of pores and wrinkles, while also evening out skin tone and texture, in less than 10 minutes.

“When it comes to beauty products, consumers want instant gratification and immediate benefits,” said Dr. Diane Berson, a NYC Dermatologist representing the brand at a recent press event. “Roloxin Lift delivers a high quality product that is available to consumers in the mass market without the trip to the dermatologist office.”

The facial treatment is activated by vigorously rubbing one of the sealed sachets together until it turns into a liquid. Once applied, it’s left on the skin for seven to 10 minutes. After removing the mask, tighter, brighter skin may be seen for approximately 12 hours, the company said. Long-lasting results are due to the product’s formulation that combines a matrix of hydrophilic and hydrophobic silica particles that covers the skin as an invisible film that remains long after the mask is wiped off. The result is a temporary appearance of firmer, smoother and luminous skin.

“Consumers will love this product because it produces predictable results every time” said Dr. Berson.

In a clinical trial conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment, 100% of subjects experienced improved appearance of skin, and 95% of subjects demonstrated a decrease in the appearance of wrinkles immediately after using the product.

Masks are one the hottest beauty categories in U.S. department stores. According to NPD, the category realized $53 million in sales, a 61% sales increase, in the first quarter of 2014.

Roloxin Lift will be available in mid-July at select Cos Bar locations, Fred Segal and other high-end retailers, as well as online. The product will retail for $110 for 10 treatments or $270 for 30 treatments.