As style insiders head home after Paris Fashion Week, one of the biggest make-up headlines was a no-make-up story: Pamela Anderson’s bare-faced appearance at Isabel Marant, amongst other shows. The actress and model has revealed the deeply personal reason behind her “freeing, fun and little rebellious” choice, which stole the shows this week. Meanwhile, Chanel’s fresh-faced, beachy waves look complemented its colourful, cool-villa-in-the-south-of-France-inspired finale of floral prints and vibrant tweeds yesterday (and has got us reaching for our waving tongs and practicing the perfect centre part — a look that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon). From catwalk to perfume counter, new research from Mintel points to the sales-boosting power of old school-style fragrance sampling (this in the same month that Victoria Beckham told British Vogue she once worked as a perfume sprayer at Lakeside Shopping Centre). Here at CEW today, we explore the possible implications for the beauty industry of the lawsuit against the Fearless Fund by American Alliance For Equal Rights founder, Edward Blum.

Read on for more on these and other midweek beauty headlines.

CEW asks what the suing of Fearless Fund by Edward Blum could mean for beauty. The Atlanta-based venture capital fund invests in women of color-led brands — companies championed include Thirteen Lune, Live Tinted, Oui the People, The Lip Bar, Range Beauty, and Bread — in response to the fact that fewer than 1% of total industry funding is received by Black women. “This legal showdown raises fundamental questions about diversity, equity, and inclusion in an industry where representation and empowerment have long been central themes—at a moment when investment in Black entrepreneurs has decreased 45% from 2021 to 2022”, writes Annie Tomlin.

L’Oreal announces the sale of Sanoflore, the pioneering green skin care range it acquired in 2006, to Ekkio Capital and Sergio Calandri, Sanoflore’s new CEO and Inula Group founder. Sanoflore has been creating sustainably harvested, organic formulas with 100% natural fragrances since the Eighties. In a statement, L’Oreal said it is focusing on dermatological brands as part of its L’Oreal Dermatological Beauty strategy. (Beauty Inc)

A new report from Mintel suggests that customers will follow their noses to their next new perfume, and the way to increase attention and sales is to get creative with sampling. Think, for example, magazine testers, updated in the form of perfume cards and more, distributed in locations including hotels (as Dyptique has done with Ritz-Carlton). Accessibility, says the global market intelligence agency, is key. (Cosmetics Design)

The safety of UV gel nail drying lamps is under the spotlight in new research by the University of California-San Diego. Researchers report that the radiation they emit is potentially damaging to skin cell DNA, amongst other concerns. They also say that studies into the long-term effects of UV gel curing lamps have been not been carried out in the same depth as those concerning tanning beds, and that more epidemiological research is needed in order to be conclusive about the possible skin cancer risks. (Happi)

How do 22 beauty and wellness industry insiders see the pendulum swing back to science-backed beauty and how can brands ensure and assert their credentials? Beauty Independent asked the question of entrepreneurs, executives, retailers, chemists, manufacturers and doctors —and they answered. (Beauty Independent)

Introducing Jenny’s new block: J-Lo Beauty has arrived at Macy’s. Promising the ultimate top-to-toe glow-up, Jennifer Lopez’s skin care and body products are now available in the store Lopez describes as “an ideal partner for us in our quest to bring more people our high-performance skin care and body products, proving beauty has no expiration date.”  (WWD)

Check The Beauty Index. Coming later this month and the result of an international survey of more than 3,000 consumers, the Vogue Business Beauty Index will offer Advanced Members the opportunity to scan an evaluation of 30 top brands in the industry, covering off consumer, digital, ESG (environmental, social, and corporate) and innovation. (Vogue Business)

A green beauty trend of a different kind, it’s time for matcha latte make-up to have its moment. Swept onto lids in a shimmering wash, this gorgeous, green-eyed take on the OG Tik-Tok trend makes a striking one as we move into fall. (Byrdie)