As winter approaches, brands are offering a number of hydrating face and body products to be added to consumers’ changing seasonal skin care routines. Even in makeup, innovations are seen with nourishing ingredients from Tower 28’s usage of white sage sourced from California desserts to MOB Beauty’s lash conditioning formula utilizing a blend of sunflower, berry, jojoba, and olive waxes.

Irene Forte Skincare Triple Level Hyaluronic Serum 
Waitlist Worthy: This next generation serum contains high, low and, most importantly, ultra-low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. The unique triple weight blend is clinically proven to hydrate the skin over 12 hours, after just one application. This serum also provides an immediate increase in skin hydration of 21 percent, 20 minutes after application (based on the brand’s studies)
Marketing Plan: “Our communications focus on the outstanding clinical trial results our Scientific Director, Doctor Francesca Ferri – a pioneer in the medical use of plant extracts to treat skin conditions – has achieved with this product,” said Irene Forte, Founder. “We have held virtual PR desk slides to educate on the ‘Natural Science’ and the unique innovations behind the Triple Level Serum. We are partnering with influencers and makeup artists to highlight this product as the perfect makeup prep product, due to the long-lasting hydration and skin plumping effects. Our digital marketing campaign will also work to educate consumers, highlight results, and show product usage.”
Availability: September 21 at online at Irene Forte Skincare USA; October 15 at,, and
Price: $155

AHAVA Pre + Probiotic Body Line
Waitlist worthy: The three-piece line is comprised of a body lotion, hand and foot cream meant to rebuild and reinforce the skin’s barrier, promote its health, and help it stay hydrated. The formulation is enriched with AHAVA’s patented Synbiotic Complex technology, containing both prebiotics and probiotics and their signature blend of Dead Sea minerals, to treat an unbalanced skin microbiome.
Marketing plan: “Our Pre + Probiotics launch strengthens AHAVA’s position in body care and fits our philosophy. We will use our influencer market, social media platforms, and samples to target consumers of all ages that wish to support their skin’s health,” said Shireen Hunter, Senior eCommerce Manager, North America, AHAVA.
Availability: October 4 on
Price: Pre + Probiotic Body Lotion ($31), Pre + Probiotic Hand Cream ($24), Pre + Probiotic Foot Cream ($23)

Tower 28 SunnyDays SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen Foundation
Waitlist worthy: Available in 14 shades, this mineral sunscreen and foundation is designed for sensitive skin. The non-nano zinc formula is reef-safe, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and contains protective and supportive ingredients like prickly pear extract, aloe vera and white sage sourced from California deserts where they thrive in extreme climates. The product is the first ever complexion makeup product that has received the National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance and was developed in partnership with renowned BIPOC celebrity makeup artist Kirin Bhatty
Marketing plan: “We kicked off the launch with a waitlist on September 28 as a little teaser. We are so lucky to have an incredible community of creators, makeup artists and industry insiders who have supported us from the beginning, and we can’t wait to get them this product for year-round protection and complexion perfection,” said Amy Liu, Founder, Tower 28.
Availability: October 12 at,,, and Sephora at Kohl’s
Price: $30

Moroccanoil Blonde Perfecting Purple Conditioner
Waitlist worthy: The conditioner is designed to restore hair color to its no-brass, fresh-from-the-salon blonde. The product features proprietary Moroccanoil ArganID technology, designed to deliver the antioxidant powers of argan oil deep into the cortex, while helping to seal the cuticle and impart shine.
Marketing plan: “To celebrate this launch, we planned an intimate evening in Los Angeles co-hosted by the red-carpet styling duo, Moroccanoil Celebrity Hair Stylist Bryce Scarlett and Celebrity Makeup Artist Nina Park, where attendees learned about the product. We are also strategically seeding the product to influencers and editors who can test the product, understanding that it is for those with blonde, lightened, or grey hair,” said Carmen Tal, Co-founder, Moroccanoil.
Availability: October 4 at fine salons,, select national retailers, spas, and
Price: $24

MOB Beauty Volumizing Mascara
Waitlist Worthy: Instead of using beeswax, MOB Beauty’s rich, lash conditioning formula combines a blend of sunflower, berry, jojoba, and olive waxes for a 100 percent vegan, creamy formula and is free of traditionally used carbon black and non-biodegradable micro-plastics, silicones, and acrylates. As with all MOB products, the Mascara Capsule is sustainably designed using post-consumer recycled material and is endlessly refillable to minimize waste. The refill is made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled materials and designed with 75 percent less packaging than the standard industry mascara.
Marketing Plan: “We will use a multipronged approach to marketing with digital ads, emails and affiliate efforts along with product seeding to key influencers and media,” said Alisha Gallagher, Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer, MOB Beauty.  “With education and transparency at the core of MOB’s values, we are hosting educational Zoom sessions with our community, influencers, artists, and media to learn more about ingredients, packaging, and beauty recycling. To help spread the news, we have implemented the hashtag #jointhelashmob across Instagram and TikTok, encouraging our community to share their experience with the Volumizing Mascara.”
Availability: October 7 on
Price: $29

I-N Beauty Liquid Green Body Oil
Waitlist worthy: A blend of fast-drying body oils, as well as coconut, coffee and blue tansy, the product is designed to replenish, strengthen and protect skin.
Marketing plan: “This expansion of our cult following Liquid Green franchise with the Body Oil kicks off with a virtual influencer and editor event complete with anywhere wellness massage tips,” said Nicole Rechelbacher, Co-founder, I-N Beauty. “Education events, videos, sampling and robust storytelling along with community engagement and support for all of our channels from salon to retail and our direct social and website are key. 100 percent natural and Cosmos certified, communication will focus on the silky texture, invisible yet intense moisture, intoxicating certified organic aroma and completely natural brilliant green color that leaves your skin feeling delectably plush and smooth with a ‘what did you do differently’ head to toe glow.”
Availability: October 5 on
Price: $68

indē wild 15% Vitamin C AM Sunrise Glow Serum and the 1% Bakuchiol PM Restore Serum 
Waitlist worthy: “Our serums were developed with the needs of the South Asian woman in mind, while being suitable for all,” said Diipa Büller-Khosla, CEO and Founder, indē wild. “Our serums have been thoughtfully formulated with intentional, well-studied, ethical ingredients – fusing radically conscious chemistry and Ayurvedic superfoods together. The morning serum aims to rejuvenate, brighten, and hydrate the skin with an unheard-of concentration of 15 percent vitamin C balanced with turmeric and ashwagandha. The evening restorative serum is designed to relax and calm the skin, allowing it to reset – thanks to a combination of bakuchiol, tripeptide complex, squalane, and our other top-tier ingredients. These potent, yet soothing formulas are safe for sensitive skin as well as those who may be pregnant or nursing. That ability to reach and offer accessible skin solutions to all is extremely important to me and where we are filling a void in the market.”
Marketing plan: “Diipa’s September Vogue India cover exclusive was the first piece to unveil this exciting new journey with the world, after internally building and developing it for two years,” explained Amy Devan, Head of Marketing, indē wild. “Our ethos – best described by a term Diipa coined, Ayurvedistry, the destination where modern science and tradition meet – was then introduced via our launch video which truly embodies the modern woman who is unapologetically herself while appreciative of her roots. Expect to see that same energy reflected in all of our consumer touchpoints, from packaging to social media, our site and e-newsletter. Our community will remain the core source of inspiration. That is why we held a number of focus group sessions leading up to this very moment, and why we’ll be starting an exclusive test launch with a select audience next week in the US/Canada and the week of October 18 in the UK.” Devan continued. “In addition, we are conducting multiple virtual meetings with the media to tell our story, along with a full-tiered influencer campaign set to kick off next week.”
Availability:  October 12 in the U.S. and Canada and on October 26 in the U.K. at indē
Price: $37

Everist Waterless Body Wash Concentrate and Compostable Konjac Sponge
Waitlist worthy: The brand is introducing the first waterless body wash concentrate paste, a 100 percent plant-based formula that is activated by the water. The concentrate is packed with skin care ingredients and designed to gently cleanse skin without stripping it. At 3x concentrated, the brand says it fits a whole bottle of body wash in a 100ml travel-friendly aluminum tube. The concentrated can be paired with Everist’s new 100 percent Compostable Konjac Sponge.
Marketing plan: “For this innovative new format, it’s all about trial – experiencing is believing. Getting the body wash concentrate and konjac sponge into the hands of influencers, our partners (and their teams) and editors is key,” said Jayme Jenkins, Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer, Everist. “We also wanted to give our ‘eco-optimist’ community the opportunity to try the product first with an exclusive preview and special offer via email.  Another key component is education. Helping people understand how the product works and the amazing sensorial experience (scent! creamy lather!) is critical. We’ve shot new video content and are piloting our Everist Creators program to showcase how all our products work with diverse hair and skin types. This content will be key for our social channels, email, blog and on our website. It’s important to see how easy it is to go eco and what an upgrade it can be.”
Availability: October 1 at, Credo Beauty stores and online, Verishop, and the Allure Store.
Price: $24 for Waterless Body Wash Concentrate | $12 for Compostable Konjac Sponge

PRAI Beauty M Collection Meno-Soothe Serum
Waitlist worthy: “With 77 percent of women saying their skin is changing due to hormonal aging in menopause, we went out to create the perfect product that directly targets the changes in skin during this time. A cocktail of specially chosen ingredients including: coolact, PRAI Beauty’s Cool Complex, proprietary PRAI root extract and 4 moisturizer and humectants, creates M Collection Meno-Soothe Serum that cools down hot, flushed skin and helps diminish the visible signs of aging caused by loss of collagen,” said Cathy Kangas, CEO/Founder, PRAI Beauty.
Marketing Plan: “Menopause is a new category in beauty and we have a lot of education to do around the changes to skin in perimenopause and menopause, and why you need targeted skincare,” said Cathy. “It’s the most drastic change our skin will face, so we’re squashing the taboo, educating women and taking it mainstream.  We’re kicking off with an exclusive launch with HSN, I’ll be hosting a virtual Editor launch event, as well as influencer seeding to women 40+ who are experiencing perimenopause or menopause.  Plus, we’ve created a very insightful The Next Genopause trends report, which takes a look at the wider category as a whole and the opportunity in beauty.”
Availability: October 1 at HSN
Price: $59.95

ICONIC London Glaze Crayons
Waitlist worthy:  This innovative dual-ended eye product offers a high payoff, with a highly pigmented creamy pearlescent crayon on one end and a (subtle glitter) high gloss glaze on the other.  The product has been purposely created as a three-in-one — each side can be used alone, together or with any other eyeshadows to create endless looks. There’s no need for brushes. It is formulated with amino acids and a water base so the texture feels silky smooth and stays in place without feeling dry.
Marketing plan:  “Our 00’s-inspired, glam and glittering multi-channel marketing campaign will run across social, web and influencers, which is always the strategy at the core of our natively digital brand,” said CMO Eleanor Assa. “We are mirroring the playful nature of the product with a conversational, trend-led campaign, combining a mix technique-based and viral content focused on the eyes but, as always, starting with lit-from-within skin and our glow-giving hero products (Illuminator and Prep Set Glow).
Availability: October 11 on and Oct 18 on Sephora
 $30 each

Deck of Scarlet Mirror Glaze Highlighting Trio
Waitlist worthy: Available in five shades, Mirror Glaze is a dynamic highlighting trio that can be worn layered or solo. Each sleek package houses a duo of buttery soft, talc-free powder highlighters on top, and a gel-cream formula in a jar below that work in tandem.
Marketing plan: “Our Mirror Glaze Highlighting Trios made their debut at the Alice + Olivia S/S 21 Presentation during NYFW where celebrity makeup artist and Deck of Scarlet brand ambassador, Etienne Ortega, spotlighted them in the official look,” said Mariya Nurislamova, CEO and Co-Founder Scentbird, Deck of Scarlet, Goodhabit + Confessions of a Rebel. “In anticipation of the launch, we’re offering our customers the dual-ended Glow Big or Glow Home Brush as a free gift with purchase when they pre-order any shade of Mirror Glaze. In addition to cross-channel announcements, our dedicated crew of content creators, the Scarlet Squad, will be sharing tutorials and tryon videos so our customers can learn how to achieve glowing beauty looks.”
Availability: October 4 on
Price: $36

Goodhabit Glow On Enzyme Mask
Waitlist worthy: This gentle-yet-effective enzymatic exfoliating mask aims to reveal radiance, even tone and texture, minus the redness and irritation thanks to a combination of natural fruit enzymes, AHAs and replenishing oils.
Marketing plan: “In advance of the official launch on October 11, we’re offering a sneak peak of our new Glow On Enzyme Mask to customers who attend our event at the Allure Store Pop-Up in SoHo,” said Mariya. “We’re also treating VIP press and influencers to at-home facials so they can get glowing results in real-time. In addition to coordinated launch announcements across email, sms, and social, we will be gifting to nano-influencers in exchange for feedback on our new launch as well as authentic content.”
Availability: October 11 at
Price: $55

KLUR Unseasonal Kind Replenishment Oil 
Waitlist worthy: Unseasonal Kind Replenishment Oil is designed to match and mimic the antioxidants found in skin surface lipids. Equipped with jojoba oil, squalene, co-q 10 and vitamins E and C, these 5 key actives aim to lock moisture into skin and address antioxidant-deficiency. It’s lightweight, rapidly absorbable, and uses an encapsulation medium called liposomal delivery technology to ensure skin can receive the full benefit of the nourishing actives.
Marketing plan: All marketing efforts for Klur’s Unseasonal Kind will be solely focused in the digital space across all social platforms, including-newsletter announcements, Instagram community takeovers and an interactive giveaway.
Availability: October 4 at
Price: $90

MONAT Body Care
Waitlist worthy: This new collection borrows inspiration, expertise, and trusted ingredients from skin care for the face to deliver healthy-aging results for the skin on the rest of the body. By harnessing the natural anti-aging power of revitalizing botanical oils, nutrient-rich exotic fruits, plant-based stem cells, and probiotics, the line is designed to addresses market concerns related to lifting, toning, firming, and nourishing skin below the chin.
Marketing plan: “In 2019, we launched into the skincare category amassing a 15,000+ waitlist in just 48 hours and earning $150MM in one year. With an increased demand for body products, the expansion into body care was a natural next step. We launched MONAT Body Care with our dedicated team of dermatologists to ensure that we are bringing the highest quality products to market. We are continuing to support the launch with a 360-marketing plan including email marketing, leveraging our market partners, and press outreach,” said Laura Garratt, VP of Marketing & Product Development at MONAT Global.
Availability: October 1 on
Price: $23-$65

REVERIE Suna Exfoliating Shampoo
Waitlist worthy: A gentle, salt-free cleanser that exfoliates the scalp to eliminate build-up, dry flakes and excess sebum; while providing essential nutrients and moisture to keep hair looking cleaner, longer.  This powerful formula harnesses an Essential Mineral Complex to enhance the scalp’s barrier function, delivers essential nutrients directly to scalp and hair, decrease frizz, increase shine and softness; Rhassoul Clay purifies, removes build-up, dead cells and excess sebum; Hibiscus flower extract gently exfoliates the skin and Sodium Hyaluronate locks in moisture to soothe dry scalps.  The scent is bright and calming with notes of spearmint, spruce and hinoki.
Marketing plan: “REVERIE’s marketing will be hyper-focused on pushing ‘scalp health’ messaging and the benefits of using SUNA,” said Hillary Markenson, President, REVERIE. “We will be activating influencer-based product promotion, introducing social media reels and IGTVs and have a series of newsletter and ads inplace. Our retail partner, Credo Beauty, will also be supporting the launch with marketing materials supported by newsletters and social media posts on Instagram.”
Availability: October 15 at, Credo Beauty and Revolve Beauty
Price: $46

AQUIS x dae Rapid Dry Waffle Hair Wrap
Waitlist worthy: Woven with proprietary AQUITEX performance fabric, the hair wrap quickly and gently wicks water away for faster dry time.,
Marketing plan: Designed in collaboration with Amber Fillerup, founder of Dae and longtime Aquis lover, the partnership will be teased on Dae’s IG channel day before launch and announced on their stories and feed on launch day. Amber will also be posting and the launch will be featured on Dae’s homepage. Consumers will be receiving the announcement via email and attentive text message.
Availability: October 12 and
Price: $40