Product: Patchology PoshPeel Pedi Cure

Executive credit: Chris Hobson, CEO

Inspiration: “There’s strong consumer demand for a product that effectively treats dry, callused feet. We wanted to take the fear out of the word ‘peel’ and offer consumers a smoothing product that could become part of their beauty routine.”

Waitlist worthiness: With pedicure season in full swing, people are looking for an easy-to-use callus remover and skin smoother they can do at home.

Crowdsourcing for success: “We’re obsessed with consumer feedback, which is why we created our Patchologist Program. Consumers who become Patchologists are polled by our team regularly, allowing them to provide feedback on existing products and to voice their opinions on what future launches they’d like to see. They even have the opportunity to test products before launch, allowing us to make any adjustments to a product before it hits retail shelves. In the case of PoshPeel Pedi Cure, our Patchologists helped point us to feet in particular, as an area of a great unmet need. They then helped us with feedback on several different concepts and prototypes before we coalesced around the current product.

Get it: Available at the end of July at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale; rolls out to all retailers by September. It will retail for $25 for two treatments.