The founder of QVC, Joe Segel, is looking to make his mark in hair care with the help of industry veterans with their pulse on what’s driving the category.

This month consumers will begin hearing about HairRx, a customizable hair, shampoo and styling formula collection targeting the 30-year-old-plus market. Nine formulas look to meet all different hair needs, ranging from volume-seeking to hydration, with variants for low and luxe lather, as well as five different scents, including jasmine, coconut, citrus, lavender and vanilla. To get to the formula that’s right for them, clients fill out a short questionnaire describing their hair type and whether their hair is chemically treated. In total about 165 different combinations can be yielded from HairRx shampoo and conditioners, which are made in Italy. Styling and finishing products are available, too, including a Professional Glossing Mist, Revive & Protect Mist, Nourishing Oil, Volumizing Spray, Surf Spray and Curl Conditioner.

All formulas are free of parabens and sulfates. Single 10-oz bottles sell for $16.95, shampoo and conditioner sets will sell for $26.95. Two-ounce sets will cost $8.50.

HairRx is scheduled to launch on late 2017.

Joe first stepped into hair care in 2014, and last spring launched Cloud 10, a customizable hair collection targeting millennials, along with salon owner, Jodi Dery. Jodi operates a chain of luxe salons and blow dry bars in Boca Raton and Delray Beach, Florida. That’s where she saw her stylists mixing different shampoos and conditioners to get the perfect concoction. She approached Joe with the idea of creating their own customizable product lines targeting different demographics. Cloud 10, like HairRx, offers more than 165 possible formulas, and a mix of scents, as well as styling and finishing products, and customizable labels.

In 2016, Joe brought on Ellen Langas as co-CEO to help refine HairRx and Cloud 10’s positioning. Ellen founded the public relations department at QVC, and has served in executive positions with Corning Glass and NouSoma Communications.