As part of CEW’s campaign that features beauty executives who are also members, Shannon Curtin is next in line. Here, Shannon, Senior Vice President, Consumer Beauty, Coty Inc., talks with CEW Beauty Insider about some of the things she’s learned during her vast career in beauty, as well as how being a part of CEW has developed her career path.

Beauty Insider: When you joined CEW, do you recall your main motivation for joining?

Shannon Curtin: Yes, absolutely. I heard about the organization through a friend of mine. She shared the great networking opportunities at the events and how the organization was focused on people in the beauty industry. Once I become a member, I realized the benefit of networking and sharing immediately.

BI: How has being a CEW member helped you with your career?

SC: The most explicit way was when I was in transition [after Walgreens] into the next phase of my career. I received numerous calls, emails, texts and other forms of attention from the organization. My network grew even stronger as I was exploring new opportunities and creating my own beauty consulting firm. After I made the decision to become a leader in the new Coty organization, my network grew another 25 percent. I personally felt the power of the membership every step of my journey.

BI: What’s the best thing about being a CEW member that others probably don’t know about?

SC: I am very fortunate to be a board member of CEW; enjoying a common purpose between my peer set is very rewarding. We know how impactful CEW has been in our careers and we want to ensure that every member has the opportunity to utilize the offerings to enhance his or her career. We are competitors outside the walls of the board room, however while in the board room we are focused on how we can continue to enrich the organization for every member. We have a relentless focus of making every connection better, the information shared more meaningful and finding ways that will continue to build the benefits for our members.

BI: Please talk about some of the key leadership strategies you learned while working at two of the largest retailers, Walmart and Walgreens?

SC: The first would be to stay focused, even throughout the chaos. The second would be that insanely great people make the positive difference on the P&L.

BI: How does your experience as a retailer lend itself to being on the other end (the manufacturer side)?
SC: I understand the challenges with execution, labor, traffic, timelines and the power of partnership.

BI: What is one of your most proud work accomplishments?

SC: Being able to balance! Balance between being a mom of two small children, a wife to my wonderful husband, a caring family member and friend to many. Let’s face it, we work A LOT so when I am not physically at work, I fully enjoy the other part of my life. I have been so fortunate to have received many awards and accolades throughout my career but nothing compares to hearing, “Momma, you’re the best”. I tell my friends you can have it all, it may not be all at the same time, stay focused on what matters most in life and work, that way you can make the most of both.

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