Skin care brand Sol de Janeiro kicks off 2022 global summer campaign to connect and engage with its loyal fanbase and attract new consumers. Last summer, the brand, which was acquired by L’Occitane in November 2021, launched its first-ever global campaign with the intent to build awareness and share its global mission. For this year’s campaign, the brand is aiming to create a global movement of self-celebration and joy–the very foundation of the brand.

According to Tamera Ferro, SVP, Global Marketing and Growth, the brand is tapping global TikTok content creators from North America to the UK, and from Australia to the Middle East, to demonstrate how they own their confidence through their unique routines, all set to a brand-created music track, while encouraging their community to do the same. The campaign aligns with the brand’s tagline: Love It. Flaunt It. You’ve Got It!

The execution of the campaign takes a new approach, leaning heavily on the brand’s success on Tik Tok and with its influencer network. As opposed to a single launch moment, the campaign is being strategically cadenced across the summer with 10 global Tik Tok Creators leading the charge, supported by paid media, local market influencer work, retailer support and key spikes of activity across the funnel to support the endeavor.

“At Sol de Janeiro, we build our brand on personal – and personalized—relationships in all areas, particularly from a consumer and influencer perspective. Authenticity is the number-one priority in creating relationships with partners of our brand and we are lucky in that we have many fans of the brand willing to speak organically about their love for the products – from celebs to our customers,” said Tamera. “As a brand, we deeply support paying creators for their contribution to our success. With paid content, we ensure we always work with creators within campaigns and on a continual basis that have a true love of the brand and our product, as well as share our values of self-love and celebration.”

Retail partner Sephora looks to help bring the brand’s campaign to life via in-store activations, ranging from sampling opportunities, branded events with exclusive client offerings at top retail locations, along with gift with purchase opportunities.