If necks are having a moment, then iS Clinical will be having theirs in February, when they release Neckperfect Complex, $78, a project which took almost four years to, well, perfect.

Since 2002, iS Clinical has offered clinically-validated skin care products designed to be regenerating and healing. Because they use pharmaceutical grade ingredients paired with advanced technology, it was very hard to find high quality elements that played well with each other, company executives said.

“Since people want quick results with long-term benefits, we had to look for ingredients that can firm instantly and offer penetration and exfoliation without compromising each other while working synergistically,” said Bryan Johns, President and Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Neckperfect Complex is a potent formula of rare botanicals, fruity acids, hydrolyzed quinoa, hyaluronic acid, rice protein and calcium pantothenate, among other ingredients. All are believed to tighten, lift, define, moisturize and address aging issues.

“We’ve been specializing in the face for a long time, and are known for our serums,” said Bryan, “but people want to focus on their neck because the neck is incredibly difficult to treat without a surgical procedure. That’s why a product that can minimize winkles, sagging and lines is needed.”

“We were constantly told by dermatologists and plastic surgeons that if we come up with a neck product, and use neck in the name, we will sell it by the truck loads because this is what their clients are coming in and asking for,” added Alec Call, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of iS Clinical.

Not sold within specialty or department stores, the company gets traction at dermatologists’ and plastic surgeons’ offices, along with important medical facilities, such as the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins. That means the company depends on social media and word of mouth to spread word on its efficacy.

“Because we are in LA, we have a large celebrity clientele who have been very generous to us. They post items, and then those posts get reposted. That gives us the opportunity to really utilize social media to the maximum. That kind of organic promotion is important to us,” Alec explained.

IS Clinical has adjusted by reducing their advertising budget and increasing their public relations efforts. Like many other brands, they’re also focusing on their website. Product growth continues, too, as “more and more skin care companies are looking to cosmeceutical formulations to attract the consumer,” Alec added. “The consumer has reached a saturation point in fluffy skin care. They want something more serious.”

They also rely on ecommerce. Dermstore.com is their major online presence, but Amazon’s high-end skin care and cosmetic platform, Luxury Beauty, has given the company a new visual voice.

“Amazon is very strategic. They have the formulas for success. They focus on how to place, what to place and where to place an item,” said Alec. “They’ve been featuring our brand quite a bit, which is allowing us to reach the public in a way that we’ve never been able to before.”