The British are coming, the British are coming…and in this case, that’s a good thing. Lush, the company responsible for creating more than 200 handmade soaps and natural cosmetics has spread its beauty wings and opened their first spa in the U.S.

Spearheaded and conceived by husband and wife team, Mark and Mo Constantine, Lush made their beauty mark in Pool, U.K. in 1995 with their initial store, followed by their primary spa in 2009. Though there are a number of Lush stores in New York, this month marks the first time the company is bringing their high concept and incredibly creative, multi-sensory treatments to 61st Street and Lexington Avenue. Another is set to open this month in Philadelphia.

The bi-level space is divided into two specific areas.The first floor is dedicated to products one has grown to expect from a beauty retailer– cosmetics, shower gels, lotions, toners, moisturizers, scrubs, masks, and of course, bath bombs.The second floor resembles an attractive, traditional English country kitchen. A beautiful wooden table takes center stage and is where each treatment session starts and finishes. Shelves hold vintage teacups and pots along with old-fashioned books.

The Synaesthesia, $230, is their signature, 80-minute massage, which stimulates your senses through sound, light, touch and smell.A chalkboard, which has empowering words written on it: Ambition, Esteem, Enlightened, Confident, was conceived by a behavioral therapist, and after choosing what word you’d like to be, your requested feeling is incorporated into your treatment. The 60-minute Spell, $120, is designed to help you let go of worry and move forward in life. A foot, temple and scalp massage relaxes the body, while a positive affirmation is said before and after your treatment to relax the mind. Of the seven treatments available, each is accompanied by it’s own soundtrack created by U.K. folk musician, Simon Emmerson.

“The spa elevates the brand image.We’re seen as a bath and soap company, but we have an unbelievable skincare range,” said Mark Wolvertonceo, CEO and President of Lush North America. “Many of those products are applied and thus experienced during the spa treatments.”He went on to explain how most people tend to go to traditional treatments for muscle relaxation but there’s no sense of feeling uplifted or in a different state of mind. “We believe attention and care goes into the whole body,” he added. “We are trying to change the way spa treatments are being done by treating the whole body, including the mind.It’s as much a body treatment as it is for your mind.”