Urban Decay has launched an anti-cyberbullying campaign in partnership with The Cybersmile Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to digital wellbeing, tackling all forms of online bullying. The initiative “Online Bullying Hurts IRL” is focused on sharing tips, guidance and resources around the serious impacts of digital abuse.

Through September 24, the brand will post anti-bullying content and asking select content creators to share their personal experiences along with advice for followers. For every heart emoji posted in the comments of these conversations, Urban Decay will donate $1 to the Cybersmile Foundation, up to $150,000 at launch, and a total of $300,000 over the course of the three-year partnership. The campaign launched September 9 with an educational video dispersed across the brand’s social media channels.

“The visual direction of the video is juxtaposing bright colors, playful emojis and fun graphics with dark, hurtful comments that are often found in online bulling. This is to tell the story that things are not always the way they appear online,” explained Wende Zomnir, Urban Decay Cosmetics Founding Partner. “We then have a glitch come in and interrupt the video with increasing frequency to shine the light on the fact that sometimes what happens online may be fun and harmless, while other times it’s serious and can hurt in real life.”

In a survey fielded to 1,000 U.S.-based respondents in collaboration with Persky, Urban Decay found 50 percent of young adults are bullied online and 76 percent are bullied due to their appearance. As a result, 55 percent have noted they’ve felt afraid to express who they are because of the fear harassment. About 80 percent have witnessed someone else being bullied online, with 40 percent saying they’d likely intervene if they see someone being targeted. Notably, 72 percent would like to learn more about how to help others online in a safe way. Urban Decay and The Cybersmile Foundation will work closely to develop education and support resources around cyberbullying, mental health and digital wellbeing, in line with the brand’s DNA of championing a welcoming, inclusive and safe space.

“The core of the campaign is to recognize the tangible and negative impacts that result from seemingly innocent teasing to very severe and obvious bullying, while striving to bring a deeper awareness to the personal toll of online bullying,” said Wende. “We want the internet and social media to be a space that is safe for all. Social media should bring us joy. It should help us connect. We hope to educate consumers, fans and employees to recognize the signs of cyberbullying, responsibly intervene and positively change the conversation.”

For more information, visit www.urbandecay.com/stoponlinebullying.

If you, or someone you know need immediate help, please click on the link here to find local hotlines in your country.