Tribe Dynamics, a San Francisco-based influencer/relationship management start up, has proprietary software that allows it to give beauty companies a Big Picture outlook on trends that can help build effective influencer marketing strategies and boost brands’ ROI. Here’s what Tribe’s data found regarding beauty brands with the most social influence:

For the month of July, the following beauty brands generated the greatest social influence measured by earned media value (EMV) and post count. Analysis takes into consideration a brand’s EMV and the quantifiable dollar amount assigned to publicity gained through word-of-mouth endorsements:

1. MAC: $42,788,761 / 7,603 posts

2. Maybelline: $31,090,738 / 3,767 posts

3. L’Oréal: $27,114,314 / 2,442 posts
4. Urban Decay: $23,011,230 / 2,239 posts

5. Revlon: $22,308,394 / 3,305 posts


The Value of Original User-Generated Content: Although Facebook and Twitter endorsements are valuable in large numbers and indicate popularity, original user-generated content is far more instrumental in turning customers into committed users and ambassadors, gaining new influencers and driving sales.

MAC far outperformed other beauty brands, earning the most valuable user-generated content: MAC generated 2,962,623 in blog traffic and 83,446,823 YouTube views of videos endorsing the brand, compared to L’Oréal who earned 552,888 in blog traffic and 33,166,663 YouTube views.

Tribe sources its data from the top 20,000 influencers in health, beauty and fashion. The brands included in each study are the most popular based on publicly available information of these brand’s annual revenue, reviews from consumers and retailers. To see the full report for the month of July, click here.