On the heels of celebrating its 25 year anniversary, CEW Beauty News recently sat down with Amanda Kahn, SVP Marketing and Ecommerce, RéVive, to discuss how she’s tackling marketing the luxury skin care brand to its loyal community. Here, Amanda chats about new product launches (prices reach up to $600 for a night serum), its first-ever brand ambassador partnership, and ReVive’s 25th anniversary initiatives. She also excitedly talks about the role that reunites her with Elana Drell-Szyfer, the CEO of RéVive, who served as CEO of Laura Geller New York when Amanda worked for the brand earlier in her career.


Beauty News: Hello Amanda, tell us about your role at RéVive.

Amanda Kahn: Last fall, I started with RéVive – and definitely hit the ground running. Our first focus was brand messaging, focusing on how we tell the brand story to the consumer, in this ever evolving competitive environment. We work with RéVive’s founder, Dr. Gregory Brown, every day, and wanted him to be as much of a presence for the brand on social platforms as he is in the office and with our retail partners. We want all consumers to get to know him as well as the brand’s origin story, its scientific heritage and its technological uniqueness – you should already start to see this change if you visit our Instagram feed, @reviveskincare.

BN: What are some of the new things coming out for RéVive?

AK: This year marks our 25th year since launch, and every product innovation in the year is connected to a heritage sku. The launch that started it all, our Moisturizing Renewal Night Cream, remains a best seller today. In January we launched its daytime partner, Moisturizing Renewal Day Cream SPF 30 with an exclusive preview at Bluemercury. In February, we launched Intesité Volumizing Serum Ultime, this was an upgrade to a bestselling formula and launched with an exclusive preview at Neiman Marcus.

The newest launch in the family, Moisturizing Renewal Lotion Nightly Dual Acid Retexturizer, launched just this past week exclusively at Bluemercury (available everywhere June 1).  For those new to the scientific magic of a RéVive nighttime moisturizer, this is my favorite product of the season. The combined PHAs and glycolic acid will deliver a gentle, yet effective exfoliation, rebuilding your skin from the inside, out.

BN: Talk to us about RéVive’s new brand ambassadors.

AK: In January we announced the brand’s first-ever Brand Ambassador, Celebrity Stylist Micaela Erlanger.  And in March we announced our next Brand Ambassador, Celebrity Facialist Adeela Crown, recently named one of the top facialists in the world.

Micaela’s red carpet experience and work as a style authority, alongside Adeela’s work as a cosmetic chemist and “Skin Engineer,” compliment Dr. Brown’s training as a noted plastic and reconstructive surgeon.  Together, they bring different pillars of expertise to the brand and the consumer.

BN: How has sales distribution changed?

AK: Like everybody else we’ve seen a shift in distribution. We work with each of our retail partners differently to ensure that we’re tapping into what’s working for them at any moment. We’re definitely seeing our assisted sell and some of the traditional department store environments remain key parts of our business. We’ve seen the open sell environment grow as a business opportunity. Dotcom continues to grow, both on our brand own site and our retail partner sites. We’ve also seen growth outside the US – when combined with ecomm, more than 50 percent of our business is now comes from online.

BN: What’s happening with Tik-Tok?

AK: I knew you were going to ask about that! We are focusing first on the channels where we have a larger presence, before TikTok. Let’s talk again later this year…

BN: Is the consumer still buying the same way?

AK: She’s buying more purposefully, going in knowing what she wants and that’s where products like our new Moisturizing Renewal Lotion become such a great opportunity, we can focus on storytelling around Renewal, our signature Bio-Renewal technology, and this key franchise.

Education has become so important for RéVive on all platforms. We expect that the more we educate the consumer, both male & female (both are shopping the brand!), the more the consumer will engage with the brand, and basket size will increase. Across all channels.