Beginning February 15, humidifier brand Canopy will be sold at, becoming the first humidifier available at the retailer. Alli Webb, the founder of Drybar, joined Canopy as President last week, marking a turning point for the brand, which lauds the benefits of indoor humidity for skin, hair, and the scalp. The humidifier uses UV LED evaporative technology to clean a tank’s water before dispersing it into the air.

“Ever since we started thinking about what this company was, the idea was that we could create products that would broaden the definition of what a great beauty routine is based on the fact that there are so many consumers who don’t know the benefits of indoor humidity for their skin, hair and scalp,” said Eric Neher, Chief Marketing Officer of Canopy. “We set out to take a new position in the beauty industry and give consumers a solution and educate them. We are incredibly excited about being the first.”

Canopy is looking to change the humidifier space by offering a different type of evaporative technology, as opposed to traditional humidifiers that rely on ultrasonic technology. “With ultrasonic technology, if the water isn’t totally clean and you’re not using distilled water, anything that’s in the water—dissolved metals, solids, bacteria and other particles—will be spit out into the air with the mist that comes out of the humidifier,” Eric explained. “With Canopy, the water in your tank is first run past a UV LED that sanitizes it and then it runs through a paper filter inside the unit, so the yucky stuff is all caught on the paper filter and the water is evaporated as invisible vapor. It’s the natural process of evaporation to get the moisture into the air.”

The paper filter is designed to be replaced about every six weeks, and Canopy offers a filter subscription to ensure you stay on schedule. The Canopy humidifier will be available on in white with either pink or green accents, and sold with Canopy’s Unwind aroma oil, which can be used with the humidifier for aromatherapy benefits.

Humidifiers Are Not Created Equal

Another differentiator with Canopy humidifiers is that they have sensors embedded in them so that when they’re low on water, they automatically stop running, preventing mold from growing. “That anti-mold technology that’s proprietary to us is what makes our humidifier the cleanest,” Eric said. Canopy humidifiers are also easy to clean, since anything that touches water can be tossed in the dishwasher.

“To have Sephora recognize the benefits and quality of our product, and partner together to tell this story, we see as a huge opportunity,” Eric said. “Sephora is known for carrying highly effective products, and the science behind the products is so important. They’re known as an authority in what is premium and beautiful, and to have them acknowledge that shows there is an opportunity to continue to change this category and disrupt the devices that you have in your home and how that intersects with your beauty routine.”

Canopy just wrapped up its first year in business. While still in start-up mode, the brand “saw incredible traction” especially in its direct-to-consumer channel, which is where it launched the brand and where it has acquired the majority of its customers. Expanding channel strategy is next up for the brand, and entry into Sephora is the start.

“Finding us is a big priority for 2022,” said Eric.