Arcade Beauty is launching a new online platform,, to make it easier for niche fragrance brands to reach more potential customers through cost-effective sampling orders. The site, which officially launches on Monday, October 8, will serve as a one-stop-destination for companies seeking to produce between 1,000 and 5,000 fragrance vials and/or vials-on-card.

“We decided to launch with vials and vial-on-card because in the past, the minimum order quantities have been so high, most indie brands cannot afford to purchase (or have the immediate need) for quantities ranging in the 20,000 or higher category,” explained Diane Crecca​, Senior Vice President Business Dev & Corporate Relations, Arcade Beauty. “Indie brands use vials more than other sampling technology for their brands – since scentstrips require quantities in the millions, and the price to reserve space in magazines is also quite costly.”

When users visit, they can upload their artwork onto a card, add a label to the vial, and choose between a spray or plug vial. When the design process is complete, brands send their fragrance solution to Arcade Beauty to begin the production process, which takes approximately four to five weeks before being delivered.

When the site launches, it will be dedicated to vials, but small batch beauty and personal care product samples will follow. “The vial is the workhorse technology for a small brand, but we would, at some point, like to expand the range of products to include packettes,” said Diane.

A global provider of customized sampling campaigns, Arcade Beauty is dedicated to supporting indie brands and has begun outreach to bring awareness to this new initiative.

“We have a few brands in mind that we feel will benefit from this offering, especially with our quick turnaround time, and the holidays fast approaching. We have sent out our press release to all the major publications, and there will also be a banner on our Arcade Beauty website which will take you there,” said Diane.