This morning, June 29, we get a glimpse at Paco Rabanne’s new makeup range, which was announced yesterday along with a rebrand that sees the Puig-owned fashion and fragrance house dropping the “Paco” and expanding into the cosmetics category. We look at what’s fueling the “tween girl summer” trend (the Barbie film definitely has something to do with it) and catch-up on the challenges to Montana’s statewide ban on TikTok. Read these stories and more in the links below.

Paco Rabanne Launches Makeup and Names Beauty Creative Director. Vogue Business gives us a first glimpse at what the Rabanne makeup range will look like, which will be overseen by makeup artist Diane Kendal. (Vogue Business)

Prose Sets Sights Beyond Hair Category With Skin Care Debut. The brand is taking its model of creating bespoke hair products and applying it to skin care with the launch of three customizable products: a cleanser, serum, and moisturizer. (WWD)

Barbie, Mermaids, and Taylor Swift: Welcome to Tween Girl Summer. The summer’s top pop culture moments — Beyoncé and Taylor Swift on tour, The Little Mermaid reboot and Barbie arriving in cinemas — is driving many adults to break out the sparkles, mermaidcore accessories, and magenta-colored everything. But is there also an emotional complexity behind the trend? (Fast Company)

What Shein Influencer Backlash Can Teach Us About Taking on Opportunities. In this op-ed, the writer looks at the errors made in the Shein influencer trip fiasco — the underestimation of risk on behalf of the influencers and the exploitation of ambitious, trusting people on behalf of Shein — and how they apply in corporate culture. (Forbes)

TikTok Funds Lawsuit by Montana Users Challenging Statewide Ban. Separate from its own lawsuit to block Montana’s new law, TikTok confirmed that it has been covering legal fees for the group of five TikTok creators also suing the state. (CNN)