Being recognized for sustainability is taking on a new meaning at CEW.

This year’s Insiders’ Choice Beauty Awards will recognize a brand–as opposed to an individual product–that has demonstrated best practices and progress towards the goal of sustainability for its annual Eco Beauty Award. The eco category was created in 2011 to recognize and encourage green efforts within the beauty industry. The award is presented by Givaudan.

Last year’s winner, Nourish Organic, said since being recognized with the award it has been further established as a leading name in organic beauty.

“The CEW Eco Beauty Award really raised the profile of the brand in the beauty space and drove a tremendous amount of sales,” said Rob Robillard, CEO of Sensible Organics, which makes the Nourish Organic line of products. “Given the award is vetted out by a third party, it absolutely raised our profile with the eco-conscious consumer. It really adds to our credibility as a pioneering company.”

Finalists will be vetted by The Natural Step, a non-profit global environmental education organization. The judging will be based on four science-based sustainability principles promoted by The Natural Step, and their integration through the entire life cycle of a product.

To be eligible, entries must be able to show specific measurable step changes implemented over the past three years.

For a full list of entry criteria and to enter the CEW Eco Beauty Award, click here.

Editor’s Note: Please note that brands may enter the Eco Beauty Award category even if entering other categories.