Our newest CEW columnist, Lauren Smith Brody, CEO of The Fifth Trimester, a gender equity movement and consultancy supporting working parents and caregivers, writes her inaugural Mother of Wisdom piece today. “Motherhood, especially working motherhood, is a constant exercise in both humility and blind optimism,” says Smith Brody, who is a co-founder of Chamber of Mothers, a public policy nonprofit, an author and journalist whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Slate, and Elle. ‘While technically, I’ll be offering advice, I hope what you take from it isn’t more stuff to add to your to-do list. Instead, my goal is that you’ll find camaraderie, comfort, and perspective.” In her first column, she breaks down three strategies for reframing motherhood in the workplace, from negotiating for what you need to adopting a “resentment-proof” mindset.

Also at CEW, Anna Mayo, Vice President for NielsenIQ’s Beauty Vertical, shares three key findings from its survey of CEW members to discover how beauty companies use data to fuel business growth. The results were revealed last month in a webinar—Beauty Unmasked: Illuminating the Power of Data—which is now available, free,  for CEW members to access. 

In appointments, Lauren Ratner has been promoted to President and Chief Brand Officer of Rhode, Hailey Bieber’s brand. Previously its Head of Brand, Ratner tells WWD that the company’s unusual collaborations, such as its partnership with Krispy Kreme, coupled with a policy not to rush new product launches, have played a role in its ongoing success.

“Subtopical skin care” pioneer Ourself has the non-surgical aesthetics market in its sights, having shot to fame with its viral Lip Filler. “Our big opportunity is with the large percentage of beauty consumers hesitant to try injectables because they fear they won’t look like themselves or don’t want to deal with the inconvenience or high cost,” Vimla Black Gupta, Ourself’s CEO and Co-Founder, tells Victoria Kirby at CEW. “But they still want to invest in their skin and are searching for better solutions than what they’ve experienced from most skincare.” Nailing it in membership-based nail studios, meanwhile, Glosslab is on a major expansion drive. “My goal is to see a Glosslab on every corner in the United States,” says founder Rachel Apfel Glass. 

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The End of Working Mom Guilt. Lauren Smith Brody, our newest CEW columnist, shares her story, and suggests three ways to reframe dilemmas faced by mothers in the workplace. (CEW)

Lauren Ratner Named President and Chief Brand Officer of Rhode. Ratner was formerly Head of Brand at Hailey Bieber’s beauty company. (WWD)

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