Tribe Dynamics shared the top luxury brands on social media for the month of March, revealing their Earned Media Value (EMV), a prescribed metric that quantifies the estimated value of publicity gained through digital earned media and its respective engagement levels. Tribe’s holistic approach assigns a specific dollar value to each piece of content, based on the publishing channel’s perceived value of digital word-of-mouth to brands within the industry. EMV serves as a tool for benchmarking across marketing activities and across brands.

1. Chanel – $61,584,784

2. Gucci – $57,599,330
3. Dior – $46,998,406

4. Saint Laurent (YSL) – $40,281,786
5. Louis Vuitton – $30,401,508

6. Marc Jacobs – $21,372,254

7. Dolce & Gabbana – $17,582,792

8. Céline – $16,987,770

9. Chloé – $16,399,815

10. Balmain – $16,216,956

Key Insights

  • In March, Chanel invited numerous top-tier style bloggers, to its space-themed Paris Fashion Week show at the Grand Palais. The luxury label’s Fall/Winter 2017 show was especially stunning, culminating in the breathtaking “launch” of a life-size, Chanelbranded rocket. Influencers, as well as participating models and celebrity guests, tagged videos and photos of the spectacle with #CHANELGroundControl. In total, posts tagged #CHANELGroundControl inspired $2.1M EMV, while the hashtag #PFW yielded $5.2M.
  • Saint Laurent’s (YSL) EMV was boosted by influencer initiatives promoting its beauty products in conjunction with Paris Fashion Week, which ranged from glitzy #YSLBeautyClub ($1.2M EMV) parties to individual influencer activations. Thai beauty blogger Amata Chittasenee (@pearypie), who participated in a glamorous Paris photoshoot with Saint Laurent, drove $987.5K EMV across 41 posts in March.