Beauty’s Next Growth Opportunity: The Untapped Potential of Sexual Wellness

The sexual wellness market is expected to reach more than $40 billion by 2027, according to The category offers rich opportunities for retailers looking to offer a product selection curated for today’s consumers.

Here, Megwyn White, a Certified Clinical Sexologist and Director of Education for global sexual wellness brand Satisfyer, discusses the category’s success, various benefits to sexual wellness and product offerings.

CEW: Can you share more about Satisfyer’s mission and your role?
Megwyn White:
Satisfyer is an award-winning, global sexual wellness brand that develops innovative products for all individuals, at accessible price points. I am a Certified Clinical Sexologist and serve as Director of Education for Satisfyer, where our mission is rooted in helping all people, especially women, unlock their full sexual potential. We’re also dedicated to eliminating shame and demonstrating all of the health and beauty benefits associated with sexual pleasure. Today, women want to experience sexual pleasure in a way that aligns with their wellness-driven mindsets, and they want to feel comfortable and safe talking about it.

CEW: How did Satisfyer get to where it is today?
We are passionate about the many benefits sexual wellness has – from glowing skin to decreasing stress and anxiety, to boosting confidence and self-esteem, and strengthening intimacy with yourself or with a partner. Our focus has always been on providing women with the tools they need at accessible price points to unlock their full sexual potential. The sexual wellness industry at large has historically been male-dominated, with women’s pleasure often neglected. We wanted to change the conversation and bring products into the mix that make women feel empowered, satisfied, and beautiful. We’ve been pioneering this perception shift around the category since 2017.

CEW: How do you view sexual wellness and what are ways we can work towards destigmatizing the category?
We believe the future of sexual wellness is about individuals incorporating pleasure into their daily routines, just as they would with a face mask, jade roller, or moisturizer, to maximize all of the benefits sexual wellness has to offer, such as anxiety relief, improved confidence, glowing skin, and deeper sleep. Sexual wellness encompasses the physical, intellectual, emotional, psychological, and social well-being of a person as it relates to their sexual being.

As the sexual wellness industry has expanded into many self-care tools, we have seen the start of a perception shift that is slowly legitimizing the category into the mainstream market. The advanced technology and increased innovation have piqued the interest of many, further demonstrating that the future of sexual wellness is rooted in continued innovation.

Even just over the past few years, the sexual wellness category has come a long way. However, the way sexual pleasure is discussed with teens and young adults in sex education is more about contraceptives and how not to get pregnant, rather than pleasure and its benefits. Because of this, many questions on sex and pleasure as a whole have gone unanswered, due to shame and a lack of education.

Megwyn White

CEW: How does sexual wellness dovetail with the beauty industry?
Women often treat their beauty routines as an experience, and this is exactly what we’re trying to convey with Satisfyer. We believe the future of sexual wellness is about individuals incorporating pleasure into their daily routines, just as they would a moisturizer or workout. Beauty is not just on the surface level – it’s a feeling that comes from within. Similar to beauty, diet and fitness, sexual pleasure is a critical piece of overall health and wellness, impacting one’s physical, mental and social well-being.

When it comes to our beauty routine, we often crave guidance on how to apply foundation or which shade of eyeshadow looks best. Looking our best makes us feel beautiful and provides the confidence we need. Taking this strategy, Satisfyer’s goal is to crystallize the message and show that this also translates to sexual wellness.

CEW: What’s next for Satisfyer?
We’re looking forward to continuing educating consumers about the importance of sexual wellness and contributing to the growth of the category. In our eyes, it’s all about how we can work together for the greater good and break all remaining stigmas surrounding this topic. It’s our goal to continue to demonstrate innovations in technology and to communicate the many benefits of prioritizing sexual wellness in our lives.

One thing we’re excited about is diving deeper into the concept of sensory sex, which engages all five senses, resulting in an enriched pleasure experience, through touch, sound, taste, sight, and smell.

CEW: What are the top sellers?
Satisfyer Pro 2 is our hero product that is the most sold sexual wellness device in the world. It is known in the industry as a favorite product for helping consumers achieve orgasm in new ways, as it features our patented Air Pulse technology, which works indirectly to stimulate the clitoris with pressure waves.

Our award-winning Satisfyer Love Triangle is a great option for those wanting to experience “on the go” orgasms thanks to the hygienic cap. It features the best of our line up with Air Pulse stimulation, vibration, and comes paired with our Satisfyer Connect App, which creates a unique experience where distance has no bounds – allowing for couples to safely connect in the same room, a different state or even in a different country.

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