There’s no other way to say it: Brands need to utilize video. Marketing campaigns can have evocative still imagery, mood-shifting color schemes, and brilliant writing that connects with an ideal audience. But video makes the audience stop for a moment and watch.

Even if it’s less than 30 seconds, a video creates a pause in everyday life and heightens all the senses. Well-crafted moving imagery tells a story and resonates with audiences, unlike any other medium in a marketing campaign, which is why MOSS Studio + Magazine is so passionate about this form of creative.

How Videos Resonate 

The most obvious example to support the argument of video’s potential for resonance is Times Square in New York City. On any random city block, or even driving on an interstate, there are billboards with still imagery. In magazines, we flip past curated and well-crafted still advertisements. All of these have a place in a marketing campaign and resonate in their own way.

But think of Times Square. What do people do there? They stop and look at the screens lining the buildings. Their eyes probably pass over a few images before, most likely, landing on a video. The video makes them pause. In fact, anywhere there’s a video, it’s difficult not to look at it for just a little while longer than a still image.

Because of this extended time spent staring at a video, even if it’s only for a few seconds, it allows all of the senses to be heightened. Well-done videos engage most if not all of the senses, like this recent Tom Ford video for the New Ombré Leather Parfum. The viewer can feel the sand sliding off the bottle and the warmth of the sun; she can hear old Western music to trigger a memory or a feeling; small details of the vast desert can be seen. The video resonates because of this momentary pause and the heightened sensorial experience it brings.

Ways Videos Resonate

Videos can resonate in many ways – here are the three most important reasons beauty brands should keep in mind.

Community Building

Recently, MOSS published an article on how video holds the potential to build a brand community. A community creates authority and a large dedicated ideal audience that trusts a brand. This is done through videos that resonate with the right people and convey the right message. In the end, it’s more than just marketing; it’s resonating with a community dedicated to a brand’s mission.

Showing off a Product

Sometimes, a short product video is all a brand needs to connect with its audience. A quick moment of their time for stunning product shots. It may be short, but it heightens the senses and provides imagery that sticks with the viewer through sounds, textures, colors, movement, and more.

Creating a Feeling

In longer videos, we’re able to elaborate on a mood and tell a story. In SheaMoisture Men’s new video, “This Little Light Of Mine,” the brand walks us through the narrative of fatherly love. The viewer feels love, safety, dedication, and familial bonds. Using mood and feeling connects with the audience’s emotions and resonates in a deep and highly impactful way.

No matter which way a video resonates with people, this medium undeniably connects on a deeper level. It allows us to stop, take it in, and remember.