As one of the most copied hair brands on the market, Olaplex launched a campaign this week to prove to hair care consumers that nothing beats the real thing.

On September 25, earned and paid influencers were gifted what was pitched as a new, extraordinary product, Oladupé, complete with an unboxing campaign, hyping the product’s amazing results. Consumers in turn were driven to, a site that solicited visitors to register for a free bottle of the hair strengthening serum. The campaign, which was created in partnership with Movers & Shakers, was only in the market for several days, but garnered more than 4 million views with the hashtags #OLADUPE, #UNDUPABLE, and #OLAPLEXDUPE.

On Friday, September 29, it was revealed that the week-long campaign had been controlled by Olaplex all along, and that Oladupé was actually a bottle of Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector, a holy-grail hair product designed to repair and strengthen hair from the inside out.

“Olaplex is the real deal, a brand that is truly undupable, and the foundation of this is our underlying technology, which is peerless in the industry,” said JuE Wong, Chief Executive Officer of Olaplex.

As one of the most duped hair care brands on TikTok, the hashtag #OLAPLEXDUPE has generated more than 30.4M views. The hashtag #OLAPLEX has generated more than 3 billion views on TikTok.

“This campaign tapped into the cultural zeitgeist, meeting consumers where they are and playfully educating them on the one-of-a-kind and proven repair and strengthening benefits of our bond-building technology, which cannot be copied or duped,” JuE added.

Olaplex created the bond-building category in 2014 with its one-of-a-kind technology that holds more than 160 patents. But with its patents, unique ingredients, bond-building technology, and effective results, it is literally impossible to dupe.