Everyone needs personalized beauty boosters from time to time and it seems Procter & Gamble has devised a way for consumers to get their beauty fix just when they need it most.

P&G Beauty has developed personalized beauty boosters under the Olay and Pantene brands available exclusively at Walmart. The Boosters are meant as a way for consumers to personalize their beauty routine with products available at mass beauty retailers that address day-to-day issues.

Featuring simple formulas with popular ingredients, the Olay and Pantene Boosters are crafted without parabens, mineral oil, and fragrance. Some of the most notable transformations start with small, simple steps – like adding an ingredient-focused serum to one’s daily beauty routine, the brands said.

To simplify the shopping experience, in collaboration with Walmart, Olay and Pantene developed an online quiz to help consumers find the Boosters best suited for their individual hair and skin goals. Consumers can now visit haircode.com/personalizeyourbeauty and take a three-minute assessment that factors in their hair and skin concerns, types, preferred routines, and relevant personality traits to suggest personalized product recommendations. Additionally, the site will provide information on key ingredients, benefits, and easy access to shop on Walmart.com.

The Booster collections include Olay AHA Brightening Booster, Olay Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Booster, Olay Coconut Oil Nourishing Booster, Olay Jojoba Moisturizing Booster, and Olay Vitamin E Oil Nourishing Hydration Booster. Each will sell for $12.99.

Within the Pantene brand there’s Pantene Pro-V Hydrate Booster, Pantene Pro-V Anti-Frizz Booster, Pantene Pro-V Strengthen Booster, and Pantene Pro-V Color Enhance Booster. Each will sell for $3.97.