If you believe in fairytales and the magic of Victorian-inspired places, you might as well look beautiful while daydreaming. And Rouge Bunny Rouge promises just that.

Alexandra De Montfort, who worked for Yohji Yamamoto and Max Mara, created the fanciful, Russia-based company in 2006. Offering an extensive cosmetic and skincare collection with more than 120 products including five lip-focused lines consisting of 30+ colors and textures, Rouge Bunny Rouge is slowly making a pretty, not to mention lasting thumbprint in the U.S. this year.

The line is based around a fictional world set in the Enchanted Garden. And what garden would be complete without a princess and a royal red bunny? These are the characters and the creative forces that drive the illustrations that encapsulate the brand. As you’d imagine, all of the products—from the color names to the imagery—reflect that, as well. Drunk With Stars is from the Gleaming Temptations lipgloss line, $23; Sweet To Touch is from the Love Lights Highlighting Powders, $39; and Rufous-tailed Weaver is part of the When Birds Are Singing Long-lasting Eye Shadow line, $25.

“The poetry of our brand is an underlying wistfulness, a sort of musing nostalgia for times passed, yet something which we feel deeply in tune with,” said Alexandra. “Rouge Bunny Rouge whispers an unheard sense of romanticism and seduction into the ear, evoking a vibrant, magical way of living.”

But don’t let the fable-driven concept fool you. You may not believe in happily ever after, but this collection is as impressive and well thought out as it is desirable to wear. Alexandra has done a lovely job creating a seriously notable and very wearable line, comprised of flattering colors and high-end offerings, while capturing a flare for intricate detail and luxuriousness.

“The philosophy that skin should radiate beauty is the starting point for every piece in the collection,” said Alexandra. “Texture is paramount as are the ground-breaking technologies and the latest ingredients and actives that are expertly sourced to ensure the skin is repaired, improved and protected, all with the goal of offering immediate and long-lasting results.”

Their most recent releases came out this past spring when the company introduced two scents from their Fragrant Confections Collections: Allegria and Muse, $129; and Diaphanous, an Impalpable Finishing Powder, $41.

Unlike most companies, Alexandra favors independent retailers. “Our customer is a bit of a dreamer…someone who loves to discover unexpected treasures while meandering about our enchanted little world,” she admitted, “so we are continuing to focus on those jewel-like retail environments that really allow our story to be told.”

As of now, products can be bought on beautyhabit.com or from a handful of smaller vendors; Kristie Streicher Beauty Bar at Warren-Tricomi in Plaza Hotel, Beauty Square, La La Lipstick by Dina Roth and Twisted Lily — three Brooklyn independent beauty boutiques, Chicago’s Salon Blue, New Orleans’ Shine Spa + Specialties and Good Stock, in Oakland, CA.

Though the story line behind the brand may be fictional, the success Alexandra continues to garner is as real as it gets.