As consumers search for ways to expand their makeup, skin, and hair care product mix, and as they lean towards brands that address needs for all, the beauty industry is moving away from its white-washed, Eurocentric past. Read on to discover Trendalytics’ Top 10 Black-Owned Beauty Brands. (Trendalytics is a subsidiary of Hatch beauty Brands.) Below, the brands featured in the report.

  1. Lit Brooklyn is the top brand to watch based on Instagram engagement rate. The brand celebrates Black joy through fragrance and prioritizes self-care in new ways.
  2. Focusing on skin wellness, Eadem embraces the values of clean, ethical, and inclusive beauty with ingredients and formulations for diverse skin conditions and ethnicities.
  3. Bread Beauty Supply offers fun beauty essentials for hair, addressing everything from curls to fuzz to bangs to braids.
  4. Adwoa Beauty is a modern, non-toxic, gender neutral beauty brand catering to multi-cultural hair textures.
  5. Bald and balding men have their very own skin care line, Mantl, a subscription-based skin care system.
  6. Topicals was founded by Gen Z pre-med students to transform how consumers feel about their skin.
  7. Christina Funke Tegbe created 54 Thrones as a clean beauty brand to celebrate African culture, inspired by her own Nigerian heritage.
  8. Rich in history, Lovinah consists of plant-powered, next-gen luxury, high-performance and multi-functional products that are designed to look after and address hormonal challenges, premature aging, hyperpigmentation, and acne.
  9. Using restorative ingredients targeting darker complexions, Ode to Self is free from artificial fragrance, dyes, and excessive ingredients.
  10. Gilded Body offers high-end body care products, including body brushes, makeup palettes and scented candles packaged in marble containers.