Photo caption (from left): Hair looks seen at DKNY, Karen Walker, Creatures of the Wind and Costello Tagliapietra.

At New York’s recent fall fashion shows, a huge range of hairstyles were on display, from sophisticated and wearable styles (seen at Carolina Herrera, Naeem Khan) to hyper-theatrical (seen at Thom Browne and others.) There was also a clear sense of fall hair trends, which leaned towards unfussy looks with a healthy dose of volume. Beauty Insider spoke to several hair experts backstage at the shows to hear about their favorite autumn looks and the products they’ve used to create them.

Backstage at Creatures of the Wind, Odile Gilbert used Kerastase’s Touche Perfection ($35), a newly launched leave-in conditioner that looks likely to gain hero status. “This is my new favorite product,” she raved. “It’s a cream—it’s not greasy and it treats at the same time as giving shine.” At the show, hair had plenty of texture—helped by Powder Bluff ($36), a dry shampoo—with wispy hairs (intentionally) coming out of a large front braid that was wrapped around the head, so as not to look too “done” but give, as Odile put it, “the invocation of winter.”

While it’s available now, Odile feels Touche Perfection is ideal to use in six months time. “You need to treat your hair in the fall,” she explained.“ At the same time this treats your hair, it helps your hair be textured–it does the two things at the same time.” She used the product at a few other shows as well, including Jason Wu and Thakoon.

At Costello Tagliapietra, Nelson Vercher, celebrity stylist at Rita Hazan, created a style he said was ideal for the early autumn: a relaxed look that’s essentially straight on top, ending in loose waves. “This look is a great transition between summer and fall, because you want be able to look polished when the fall comes around but the summer doesn’t really want to let go, so it’s nice to have that tightness in the top, so you feel put together, but you can feel soft curls in the back of your neck and let the summer linger.” The key products he used were Volumea Volumizing Foam ($23) and Volumea Volumizing Conditioning Spray ($26), both by Rene Furterer.

Bumble and Bumble’s editorial stylist Laurent Philippon relied on the brand’s newly reformulated (and much loved) colored dry shampoo powders ($36) at Karen Walker’s show to create something he feels works for fall: volume and texture. “They are just perfection,” he smiled. “We put a thinner and lighter pigment in, and the powder is thinner as well. There are people who are addicted to them.” He used another brand-new product, Cityswept Finish ($29), to loosely hold the hair. (Bb’s other new powder—Pret-a-Powder ($26), essentially a dry shampoo and volumizer—was used by Jimmy Paul on the larger-than-life wigs at the Thom Browne show.As he put it, “I’m obsessed with it—I don’t know what else to say.It’s great for volume.”)

At DKNY, Eugene Souleiman also emphasized volume, styled to look effortless, using Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Spray ($16). “I love it,” he said. “It’s a wonderful product to create movement and mess, it’s saline based and creates character.” To finish each look he used two other products from the brand: Extra Volume Mousse ($16) and Velvet Amplifier ($16).