Hair, Makeup Artists to Get Virtual Trade Show

The virtual summit will bring together 75 speakers on subjects such as managing metal health challenges during a crisis, safety protocols in the workplace and financing a beauty business.

Eva Scrivo: Re-imagining the Salon Model with Unique Services

Eva Scrivo Salon, named after its eponymous makeup artist and hair stylist founder, has been steadily re-inventing itself over the past several years to better meet clients’ evolving needs. And in the process, breaking the mold of the traditional salon.

Indie Spotlight: Prose

The hair care startup is looking to disrupt the hair care industry through the use of a proprietary technology and algorithm designed to create formulas unique to a user’s lifestyle and geographic location.

Andre Walker Launches Hair Care Line At Target

This month the legendary hair stylist, who is also known for creating Halle Berry’s signature pixie cut, will be launching a line of products he designed for the natural hair care market at the major retailer.

Gail Force Winds: Federici’s Return

In 2002, Gail Federici wasn’t really planning on selling John Frieda Hair Care, a trailblazing brand that she had been strategically building for over 12 years with hairstylist John Frieda. “KAO was interested, so we named a high price without expecting it to really happen. When it did, we were shocked,” she said of the $450 million sale. “It was a deal we couldn’t refuse, but it was also like the rug was pulled out. I didn’t know what to do next.”

Peter Coppola’s New Take On Keratin

Peter Coppola, hair stylist, salon owner and co-founder of Keratin Complex, which he sold more than two years ago, has founded a new keratin-focused company, one he said delivers new technology to the category.