Coty has teamed up with Amazon to launch Let’s Get Ready, a personalized beauty skill designed for Amazon’s first Echo device with a screen, Echo Show, to deliver voice-driven beauty services in a visual way. Let’s Get Ready can deliver more than 2,000 unique combinations of hair, eye and skin color beauty options based on a person’s unique attributes to serve up curated looks, visual how-to’s and quick tips, along with recommended hero products from Coty’s consumer beauty portfolio, including Clairol, Rimmel, Max Factor, Bourjois and Sally Hansen.

The service will be available in the U.K. on the Echo Show, as well as all other Echo devices, beginning this month.

Coty’s VP of Digital Innovation, Fred Gerantabee, explained how skills work on an Amazon Echo device, and how Let’s Get Ready takes it to the next level by being created specifically to provide visuals on Echo Show, as is necessary with beauty.

“In short, a skill is a feature you can add to an Amazon Echo device that’s powered by Alexa, such as a news brief, a weather report, even ordering a Starbucks coffee. There are different skills that can be enabled on the device, and now beauty is part of that with Let’s Get Ready,” Fred said. “The consumer literally says, ‘Open Let’s Get Ready’ and it greets her. She can then get quick inspiration from a selected look of the day, shown visually and with quick how-to steps. She can also get something more personalized by saying what type of event she is going to, such as a wedding or date night. Inspirational looks end with product recommendations from the Coty portfolio, which can be added to one’s Amazon shopping list.”

The visuals, Fred stressed, is the key point of difference as the skill was designed specifically for visual capability, making Coty the first in beauty to deliver such a service. The skill will be rolled out to the U.S. at some point, and will include additional Coty brands, such as CoverGirl.

The skill was developed in cooperation with Amazon by Beamly, Coty’s in-house MarTech agency, and OPearlo, an Amazon developer partner.

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