Skin care brand Heraux is expanding its retail presence with Los Angeles-based fashion e-tailer, Revolve Group, where it is set to debut September 1. The brand’s hero ingredient, HX-1, was discovered when researchers Ben Van Handel, PhD and Amir Nobakht, MD, MBA, were looking into cartilage regeneration at the stem cell biology labs located at the University of Southern California. The pair utilized the unique biomimetic lipid to create their only item, Heraux Molecular Anti-Inflammaging Serum, a topical skin care treatment designed to fight chronic inflammation and skin aging. The serum currently retails for $250 and was sold solely direct on their website—until now.

“We’ve been so impressed with how Revolve is expanding into beauty. They instinctively understand the millennial mindset and the sense of discovery she is looking for when shopping on their site,” said Dr. Nobakht. “For us, the decision to partner first with Revolve was based mainly on the opportunity to reach a diverse and younger audience than traditional means. Further, through their influencer network, Revolve gives us a way to share the importance of preventative and prejuvenative skincare. Inflammation and skin damage start at a young age and are cumulative, so it’s very important to protect skin and stem cells from the start. As part of our overall distribution strategy, they fit perfectly with our online first approach, especially during uncertain times.”

Kandice Hansen, Revolve’s Beauty Buyer, noted the brand’s evidence-based positioning will make it stand out in an increasingly crowded market.

“Skin care continues to be an important area of opportunity and the Heraux Molecular Anti-Inflammaging Serum is such an innovative product,” she said. “Revolve has always been a destination for new and emerging brands, so we were really excited to be connected with their team. We were immediately drawn to the clinical research backing up the efficacy of the product. Now more than ever consumers are looking for real results at home, and offering solutions with one product that can be worked into your existing routine versus needing to fully overhaul the products you’re already using is a great approach to grab new customers.”

Since the brand’s launch in 2019, sales have doubled year over year and continues to grow each month. The founders are hoping to continue accelerating the brand’s progression with retail partnerships. To that end, after its launch with Revolve, Heraux will roll out to luxury, multi-brand concept retailer, The Conservatory.

“We first visited their New York City store in Hudson Yards the last time we were in town and liked how consumers are able to discover a curated edit of luxury items in a beautiful setting,” said Dr. Nobakht. “We will be available in mid-September online and in their Dallas locations in Highland Park. Once their New York City location is allowed to open again, we are thrilled to be there as well.”

To win over consumers, the brand will tap into virtual events, Instagram Live, paid social, influencer marketing, public relations and in-person events when they become feasible. However, education will be the most important part of the brand’s communications plan, which will target a broad demographic ranging from millennials to Gen X.

“The ability to share our story and the genesis of Heraux, from developing new therapies for arthritis, to the major scientific breakthrough of HX-1 in creating the first ‘anti-inflammaging’ skin care brand, is the most important part of our strategy,” said Dr. Van Handel. “We have found that consumers are eager to learn about the serendipitous discovery of HX-1 and the transition from stem cell biology research to skincare which led to this unique serum. Regardless of age, ‘inflammaging’ is preventable and affects everyone. It is now being recognized as a core element in nearly all disease states and aging in general so supporting your skin stem cells is the key to healthier skin. With thorough education, women will understand the importance of applying an ‘anti-inflammaging’ serum like they do a daily sunscreen.”