Beauty tech is undergoing a sea change – with AI, AR, XR, and biotech realizing advances at an unprecedented rate. To succeed, the industry needs to grab onto the latest opportunities. This virtual event explored the biggest tech shifts of the time with the thought leaders and innovators shaping beauty. Attendees learned how to position their brand to win now and in the future.


Sheri Bachstein
The Weather Company
Michelle Crossan-Matos
Chief Marketing Officer
Ulta Beauty
Melis Del Ray standing in front of a window
Melis del Rey
GM of Beauty, Baby and Beauty Technology
Amazon U.S. Stores
Jennifer Garrett
Beauty Lead
Francisco Gimenez
Francisco Gimenez
Founder & CEO
YUV Beauty
Rachel Goodman
Rachel Goodman
Head of Beauty Partnerships
Yarden Horwitz
Ariane Le Port
Global Head of Research
Anastasia Leng
Founder & CEO
Wayne Liu
Chief Growth Officer and President of the Americas
Perfect Corp
Anabel Maldonado
Founder & CEO
Flynn Matthews
Global Director, Digital Marketing
Arnaud Plas
Co-Founder & CEO
Suveen Sahib
Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
K18 Biomimetic Hairscience
Janvi Shah
Co-Founder & CEO
Rachel (Francois) St. Fleur
Head of Brands, Marketing
The Uncovery at Unilever
Tara James Taylor
SVP, Global Beauty Vertical Leader
Dr. Carolyn Treasure
Co-founder & Co-CEO
Sindhya Valloppillil
Founder & CEO
Skin Dossier
Ming Zhao
Co-founder & CEO



The Massive Changes Reshaping Beauty

Sheri Bachstein, CEO, The Weather Company, an IBM Business

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During this inspiring Keynote address, Sheri Bachstein will present a State of the Industry on consumer’s three core beauty demands affecting the industry’s future – and how tech can help brands adapt.


Creative That Shines with AI: Ad Campaigns Reimagined

Flynn Matthews, Head of Global CPG Analytics, Insights & Measurement, Google

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AI is currently experiencing its third big shift, transforming the creation of impactful advertising content. Flynn Matthews will provide a macro view on Google’s AI advancements and put them in context for how marketers need to be thinking about AI — and what this means for Beauty.

Ariane Leport, Global Head of Research, Creative Works, Google

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The technology fueling AI and the creative it generates has changed more in the past six months than it has in the past six years. Learn how to create campaigns with power to bring advertising formats to life.

Master the Magic of Chat GPT

Yarden Horwitz, Co-founder, Spate

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Create content that shines with step-by-step how-tos on generating meeting agendas, creating social media captions, and utilizing customer support tactics using short language commands.


Propelling Brand Growth & Fueling Guest Affinity with Game-Changing Tech

Michelle Crossan-Matos, CMO, Ulta Beauty

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With a passion for data and analytics, Ulta Beauty is transforming business and marketing strategies to better fuel personalized experiences and drive innovation across the beauty industry. Hear from Ulta Beauty CMO Michelle Crossan-Matos about technology the retailer uses to propel brand growth and fuel guest affinity and engagement.

The Power of Data in the Age of AI – Amazon’s Data Centric Approach to Beauty

Melis Del Rey, GM of Beauty, Baby and Beauty Technology, Amazon U.S. Stores.

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Having been part of customers’ beauty journey for nearly two decades, Amazon will share its approach to using data science to personalize the beauty shopping experience, understand customer intent, and enable product discovery.


The Upstarts Innovating Beauty Tech

No one is disrupting beauty the way upstarts are. Small but mighty, these companies are helping brands and retailers reimagine how they approach personalized merchandising, community, shoppable UCG, and leveraging their best performing creative.

PSYKHE AI: Anabel Maldonado, Founder & CEO, unveils tech that personalizes the shopping experience using patented psychology-based AI models.

TYB.XYZ: Breana Teubner, COO, explains how to turn communities into growth channels.

HUE: Javni Shah, Co-founder & CEO, discusses how HUE creates shoppable UGC video platforms for brands.

Creative X: Anastasia Leng, Founder & CEO, presents helping brands leverage creative data to transform their beauty content.


Congratulations on Going Viral – Now What?

Tara James Taylor, SVP Global Beauty, NIQ  

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Marketing campaigns can go viral, leaving a brand’s supply chain disrupted. But by using AI and machine-learning, tracking data is easy and accessible. Learn how brands can stay ahead of product availability by identifying e-stores with significant challenges.


How AI is Fueling the Content & Performance Ecosystem

Jennifer Garrett, Beauty Lead, Meta

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Meta will share early days case studies on how AI is impacting what users are served on its platforms, and how it’s taking over where data left off.

How to Create Additive —Rather Than Addictive— Content to Win

Rachel Goodman, Beauty & Luxury Partnership Lead, Pinterest

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AI is creating the next ‘big tobacco’, addicting all of us, especially young people, to social media. The next wave of AI will only worsen the addiction. So, what comes next is a choice. In this discussion, Pinterest will provide examples of how it is building inclusive and personalized experiences to yield more conscious, explicit actions than when optimized for views alone.


How AI & Biotech are Revolutionizing Hair Care

Moderator: Rachel St. Fleur, Head of Brands, Marketing, The Uncovery at Unilever

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Suveen Sahib, CEO & Co-founder, K18 Biomimetic Hair Science; Arnaud Plas, CEO & Co-Founder, Prose; and Francisco Gimenez, CEO & Co-founder, YUV, talk about how they’re innovating beauty’s hottest category.

The Secret Weapon Behind Successful Brands

Moderator: Sindhya Valloppillil, Founder & CEO, Skin Dossier

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Wayne Liu, Chief Growth Officer and President of the Americas, Perfect Corp.; Ming Zhao, CEO & Co-founder, Proven Skin Care; and Carolyn Treasure, Co-CEO & Co-founder, Peachy, talk about their proprietary, patented technologies they’re developing to meet consumers’ evolving needs.


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Perfect Corp
Ulta Beauty
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