Rooted in inclusivity and propelled by allyship, the beauty industry’s DE&I journey has been decades in the making. But three years ago the world shifted — and beauty took a renewed action. At CEW’s 3rd annual DE&I forum, thought leaders acknowledged beauty’s progress and its continued commitment to moving the needle so women of color can succeed. Speakers shared their challenges, triumphs, and success stories, and spoke candidly about what it takes to build inclusivity, providing insights for all career levels, from early career to C-suite.

Session Breakdowns

Keynote: Industry Vanguards: Breaking Barriers, Allyship, and Paving the Way for Inclusion

Speakers: Allure Editor-in Chief, Jessica Cruel; Honest CEO, Carla Vernon; and co-founder of ThirteenLune, Nyakio Grieco

Description: Breaking the glass ceiling may be the goal, but what happens after you make it happen? When you’re the first to do it in your field, family, community, you soon realize it’s not only the first of many barriers to overcome, but an opportunity to pave the way for progress as a leader. Join Allure Editor-in Chief, Jessica Cruel; Honest CEO, Carla Vernon; and co-founder of ThirteenLune, Nyakio Grieco, in a fireside conversation to share their insights, successes, challenges, and goals as leaders driving diversity & inclusivity within the beauty industry across media, retail, and brand. With a devotion to DE&I, these industry vanguards share how far we have come and where we can go from here.

Using AI to Identify Inclusivity Gaps from Boardroom to the Beauty Counter

Company: SeeMe Index

Speakers: Asha Shivaji, Jason Klein

Description: The SeeMe Index’s groundbreaking work utilizes responsible AI to uncover inclusivity gaps in the workplace, creating a roadmap to improve a brand or company’s overall SeeMe IQ (inclusivity quotient).  By analyzing a cross-section of a brand’s assets, product lines, and DEI commitments, the SeeMe Index provides guidance so that a brand can measure and benchmark its consumer-facing inclusivity efforts—and improve its IQ.  In this presentation, SeeMe will share industry insights by identity dimension (such as skin tone, age and gender expression, to name a few) and show where the beauty industry is excelling and where they have the largest opportunities to drive inclusion. They will also feature brands to watch who are distinguishing themselves from the competition.

A Holistic Approach to Hiring for Diversity

Company: True Search

Speaker: Keri Gavin

Description: Leading C-Suite talent search firm True Search explores the significance of inclusive leadership practices, strategies to attract and retain diverse talent, and the positive impact it has on fostering innovation and meeting the evolving needs of the beauty market.

Real Talk: Navigating the Workplace as a Woman of Color

Panelists: Kia Lowe (Loved01), Maria Llanos (Live Tinted), Anitra Marsh (P&G), Tammy Tran (Tatcha)

Moderator: Karen Chambers

Description: Join a diverse and dynamic panel for a deep-dive conversation centering on navigating career pathways as women of color. We’ll get into real talk about how these executives have excelled in their careers, their highs, lows and pivots, and ask questions that will benefit attendees from all points in their careers.

The Beauty of Inclusivity: Redefining the Industry

Company: BrainTrust

Speaker: Kendra Bracken-Ferguson, Founder and CEO, BrainTrust and General
Partner, BrainTrust Fund

Description: Inclusive beauty is becoming table stakes for the beauty industry. From
gender-neutral makeup to male personal care, niches are creating huge
opportunities for multinationals and new brands alike. This discussion will dive into the
Beauty of Inclusivity and how it’s redefining our industry, including what defines
inclusive beauty, the investment landscape, markets of the future, and next steps for brands.

Driving Innovation of Representation and Storytelling

Speakers: KR Lui and Fleur Massena

Description: A conversation with KR Liu, Google’s Head of Brand Accessibility, about how beauty companies should get serious about inclusion through:

  • Inclusive design and marketing
  • Innovation in representation and storytelling
  • Making sure that people of marginalized groups are part of the decision making process

The Future of Work & Generational Behaviors in the Context of DE&I

Company: Sparks & Honey

Panel: Terry Young, Davianne Harris, Mary Wood, Joon Park

Description: On the heels of the upcoming 2024 election, what does DEI mean in today’s cultural landscape? What are the key amplifiers and how do brands navigate with the current cultural backdrop? Based on research from the s&h Responsible Marketing Index, sparks & honey will explore the cultural headwinds and tailwinds shaping the complexities surrounding the future of work, generational behaviors, and the beauty industry through the lens of DE&I.


Kendra Bracken-Ferguson
Founder & CEO
Karen Chambers
Senior Editor
Jessica Cruel
Jessica Cruel
Erica Culpepper
General Manager
IT Cosmetics
Keri Gavin
Partner, co-Head of the Diversity Practice
True Search
Nyakio Grieco
Co-Founder & Founder
Thirteen Lune and Relevant: Your Skin Seen
Davianne Harris
Managing Partner, Chief Client Officer & Head of Equitable Futures Practice
Sparks & Honey
Jason R. Klein
COO & Co-Founder
SeeMe Index
Mary Wood
Mary Klindworth Wood
VP, Strategy
sparks & honey
María Llanos
VP, Marketing
Live Tinted
Kia Lowe
KR Lui
Global Head of Brand Accessibility, Brand Studio
Anitra Marsh
VP & Chief Communications Officer
P&G Beauty
Fleur N. Massena
Global Account Executive, Food & Beverage
Joon Park
Joon Park
Director of Cultural Strategy
sparks & honey
Asha Shivaji
CEO & Co-Founder
SeeMe Index
Tammy Tran
VP of eCommerce & Direct-to-Consumer (DTC)
Carla Vernón
Chief Executive Officer & Board Director
The Honest Company
Terry Young
CEO & Founder
Sparks & Honey

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